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Thread: Hunter x Hunter Chapter 322 Discussion

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    Re: Hunter x Hunter Chapter 322 / 323 Prediction

    Quote Originally Posted by Phantron View Post
    The cost for a 'freak accident' is probably less than 'conjure items out of thin air'. We know people have teleport-like abilities in HXH. Note that a liver is worth about 50 million zenny in HXH, and assuming it was possible to get 3 organs of that kind of value (you can refuse on the brain/spine), that'd put the value of the pesterings at lower than 400 million, which suggests that the wish is valued at less than 400 million zenny. I assume this is because this money wasn't created out of thin air so you get a slight discount (400 million would be more enough to pay for organ transplants you'd need to satisfy the pesterings).
    The requests are not equal to the wish in terms of money, that would be absurd. And as you pointed out three livers are not worth a billion. Also, transplant isn't just as easy as you make it and certainly not when you have to donate three organs and then get three new ones. That's instant death. Ones body can't handle that at the same time. Even if you refuse spine and brain there are still a lot of other organs that she could request that are not transplantable.

    It's true that some have teleport-like abilities but I think you've missed the part about one nen-part being conjuring itself, so in my opinion that would still be much easier. Also, this solution of a so called "freak accident" isn't the easiest nor the most convenient. She could have teleported gems, jewelleries, a check or why not change the numbers on her account? There's certainly some strange facts about this power and some heavy limits as well.

    Quote Originally Posted by Phantron View Post
    There's no way the story would make sense if Killua can make a wish without any consequences, or that he's planning to make a wish and then let some other guy take the pesterings (that'd completely defy what he said about saving Alluka). He's obviously going to make a wish and then answer the pesterings himself, and sure they might be next to impossible but it's not going to stop him. This isn't a decision based on sound logic. He's doing this because it's what he believes is right. You can see from Silva and Ilumi's reactions that they don't really believe it's possible to make a wish like that and then survive, and given what we know so far on the conditions their assumption appears reasonable. Now we know Killua almost certainly won't die from the pesterings, but nobody in HXH knows this has to be true just because he and Gon are the main characters. From a neutral spectator, you wouldn't want to bet that Killua will survive the pesterings. You can't say he has no chance of survival either, but it's definitely not in his favor.
    Killua will survive this, as I mentioned before he wants Gon to say thank you or else he'll leave, there's no point saying that if he knows he's going to die. No, no. It also seems as if Alluka herself chooses whom to ask a certain request, like how she skipped her family only to ask her butler, she could likewise skip/neglect Killua as well. Silva wouldn't allow Killua to do this if he wasn't certain that Killua would survive the requests. There's also the possibility that the one person Killua loves the most is Gon...
    Fate of Darkness vs Rubber Dream
    Purple Dragon vs Three-sword-Dragon
    Alcohol vs Money
    Lazy Eye vs Eye Lie
    Wrestling Jesus vs Cooking Pervert
    Horseman of Death vs Deer Life
    Decaying Female vs Blooming Demon
    Battleship vs Cyborg
    Gentleman with wings vs Gentleman with bones


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    Re: Hunter x Hunter Chapter 322 / 323 Prediction

    last wish being just a high end computer, Aluka will come up with requests like " put your fingers in this plug" or " please drink this poison"... things that Killua can handle without being put in danger... but i suspect that he wants to save Aluka too.. so it may become a bit dangerous, cause the only way to turn Aluka into an harmless kid again is to take on all the "grudge/payback" off the last wish and then ask to go "high high"...
    then from here Aluka's wishes will be again totally inofensive... but i doubt she will ever leave the Zoldick mountain :P

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