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Thread: Best 5 HSDK FIGHTS so far.

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    Best 5 HSDK FIGHTS so far.

    1. Kenichi vs Sho Kano

    This is the best fight disciple fight of HSDK in my opinion. The fight showed how much
    heart and will Kenichi has to beat an opponent who was superior to him in all fighting aspects. Also, this is only time where Kenichi was pushed to his UTMOST limits in a battle to the point where he fought unconscious and could barely stand after the fight.

    2. Agaard Jum Sai vs Apachai Hopachai

    This is the best master class fight in HSDK. I can't remember any other time in HSDK where a master class fight was hyped up so much like the agaard vs appa fight. Its a classic story of the little brother trying to beat his older brother(although they're not blood related) and this was the first master class fight that shattered the idea of "ryozanpaku masters can't lose". Plus, Apachai became the definition of epicness when he rose off the ground to beat that weapon user and save Kenichi despite his life-threatening injuries.

    3. Kenichi vs Tirawit Kokin second battle

    The second best disciple fight in the series. The fight started out a little slow but ended very strongly. Kenichi forcing himself to stand up when he about to lose consciousness after looking at Apachai's supposedly dead body on the ground=EPIC. No one expected Kokin to be able to counter Kenichi's signature technique Korui Nuki and no one expected Kenichi to use basic muay thai techniques to beat Kokin it made this fight very intriguing. Payback is a b^*(%.

    4. Shio Sakaki vs Akira Hongo

    The second best master class fight i believe. It was a very good fight, but I felt Shun Matsuena tried to emphasize on their speed too much. You can hardly see anything but blurs of punches and kicks in the beginning of the fight but as it progressed the techniques and movements were better shown. Also, the extra long flashback kind of took away from the fight a little it was good to see Sakaki's past but flashbacks shouldn't be that long next time.

    5. Kenichi vs Radin Tadat Jihan

    I like this fight better than when Kenichi fought Boris or Ethan simply because there was more on the line this time. If Kenichi lost meaning he was killed they would of definitely killed a weakened Miu too so the fight became more meaningful and epic that way. Also, this fight was a tragedy too because Jihan died at the end of this fight due to an avalanche intentionally caused by his master the Demon Fist God. "I'll use dirty plans!! I'll betray others!! I'll keep scheming till I've completely run out of strategies!!!..but i will never allow myself to receive pity from the enemy..Because i am..A KING" one of best lines in HSDK truly powerful and moving.

    Those are mine!!.. Now what do you think is the best 5 fights of HSDK so far and your reason why?
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    Re: Best 5 HSDK FIGHTS so far.

    1. Kenichi vs Shou Kano
    Kenichi put it all on the line in this fight. It was truly a fight that he couldn't afford to lose because he was basically fighting for the right to be Miu's protector(whether he needed to or not) and he genuinely disliked Shou and what he represented. This fight also cements Shou as one of the top 2 or 3 Yomi imo because Kenichi has never been pushed so far since.

    2. Kenichi vs. Tirwat Koukin
    I really like this fight because it was so even(even though Koukin seemed to have a slight edge). They went technique for technique against each other. It was definitely his hardest fight next to Shou and the fact that he beat Koukin with Muay Thai made it that much better.

    3. Apachai vs Agaard Jum Sai
    Their backstory, combined with the actual fight made this one of the best fights imo. Like Kenichi and Koukin, they went technique for technique. It was a Muay Thai clinic. This was also the first time a Ryozanpaku master met his equal and because of that and the almost death of Apachai it felt like more was at stake than usual.

    4. Kenichi vs Boris Ivanov
    The main reason this is one of my favorite fights is the fact that Kenichi was simply the better fighter and showed it in this match. For the first time in a long time Kenichi wasn't an underdog against a strong opponent. He didn't even have to use Ryuuseikuken. If was just a fight of pure techniques and Kenichi ended it with a sleeper hold stopping Boris' suicide rush. This fight reminded me of The Elders words to Kenichi when he said, the ability to beat your opponent with only as much force as necessary is at the level of the strongest in history.

    5. Kenichi vs Jihan
    I like this fight because it was a fight to the death(for Jihan) and losing would have cost Kenichi his life and would have left Miu unprotected. Kenichi even considered killing for a brief moment in order to protect Miu. Seeing pencak silat on display was very cool as well and at the time of that fight I felt that Jihan had some of the best techniques I'd seen in the manga so far. Also, Kenichi unleashed his strongest combo number 2 for the first time.

    Honorable mentions
    6. Kenichi vs Ryuuto and Ethan Stanley
    Kenichi using the rhythms of his masters and the introduction of korui nuki, enough said.
    7. Kenichi vs Hermit 2
    A true fight between rivals
    8. Hongou vs Sakaki
    Going hand and hand with the flash back this fight seemed more like they were continuing unfinished business. But they fought as true equals and they took master class fights to a whole new level.
    9. Akisame vs Gaidar
    The ease at which he beat Gaidar with pure technique made me wonder just how strong Akisame truly is.
    10. Shigure vs Kii Kagerou
    Excellent sword battle and it was the first time that it seemed like one of the masters was in legitimate danger.
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