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Thread: Tick Tock: an apocalyptic ShikaSaku tale

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    Exclamation Tick Tock: an apocalyptic ShikaSaku tale

    In that moment, as she looked at him with water in her
    eyes, she saw the boy in him that she once knew before all innocence had been
    torn from them both. And she reached out and held his hand.

    Naruto - Rated: M - Horror/Romance - Chapters so far: 6 - Words so far: 16,146 - Published: 10-27-11

    Updated on 12/17//2011

    This has now become a ShikaSaku fanfiction.

    There will be OC's, but only as extremely minor characters used to move the story. Aside from the villain(s).

    Find it here.

    Also be aware that this is going to be a slow burn.

    Just fyi, this story if going to be graphic, romantic, violent, bleak at times, and demented. It's an apocalyptic tale set 8 years after the war. That would make Shikamaru and Sakura between the ages of 24 and 25.

    And no Shikamaru or Sakura in the first chapter. They will pop up once the plot really gets in motion, which will be, for Sakura in chapter 3; for Shikamaru in chapter 2.

    Small excerpt from the latest chapter:

    And suddenly he was upon her. Naruto, gasping, jumped to his feet, ready to stop Shikamaru. Sakura's eyes flew open. But before anyone could so much as utter his name, Shikamaru had backed Sakura, chair and all, against the wall behind her. Her chair tilted, and her feet dangled. He held her there and Naruto stepped forward.

    "What the hell?" Naruto growled, mouth agape.

    Shikamaru shot and arm out behind him, "You stay there!" he said firmly. "This is between Sakura and I."

    Naruto looked intent on steeping between them regardless, until Sakura turned her face against the wall and began laughing. A sound that came out muffled by the olive green surgeon's mask.
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