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Thread: Mahou Sensei Negima 344 Discussion / 345 Predictions

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    mmmm.... i can't tell??? it seems that i see trees after trees with wavying grass and a few birds...
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    Re: Mahou Sensei Negima 344 Spoilers

    Quote Originally Posted by Ma Chao View Post
    do you have prove for those claims that he is 800.
    oh an alsoin a QA ken said Zect was in his hundreds ( sadly i don't know where it is)
    this ( he was being possessed the MOTB was talking i don't understand how you don't think that...
    Sorry for the late quote. I am making my bases for this:
    My hypothesis, that is Colonel sanders, fooling around.

    when was the library built?:
    when the library was made 1868-1912

    What is the book?:

    How old is it?:
    Around or younger than Moses's time. you paint it.

    So I was wrong, he is even OLDER than 800yrs. old if you believe my hypothesis.

    Also, its nice to see how much the art style of the manga has changed over the months. They all look like they had long/big hair and thin in the head and neck. lol.
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    and visit , she has some inspiring pics. esp. "Yummy-75464373".

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