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View Poll Results: What's Your Favorate Abyssal One Design?

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  • Riful

    5 31.25%
  • Isley

    7 43.75%
  • Lucilea

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  • Alicia

    1 6.25%
  • Cassandra

    2 12.50%
  • Hysteria

    0 0%
  • Roxanne

    1 6.25%
  • Normal Galatea is Best.

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Thread: Claymore 121 Review

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    Claymore 121 Review

    Claymore Chapter 121- Resurrected Corpses- Review

    Last month I asked what you wanted to see for the color pages. Nobody wanted to see Miria fighting, Tabitha's group, or a generic color page shot. Three people wanted to see Galatea. Honestly I expected a better showing for her than that. Four people wanted to see the new Abyssal Ones in color. But most of you, nine to be exact wanted to see the arrival of Tabitha's group in color. Sadly what we got was just a generic picture of Miria. I have to admit, I think that this was a waste on Yagi's part.

    Altogether now, OH SHI-
    We open with Miria shocked that Hysteria can be awakening after Miria killed her. But then she realizes that the three were sorta dead to begin with, so... Anyways Rafetela finally collapses, showing us that Raki and the trainees, haven't exactly gotten anywhere. As for the members of the organization, well Rimuto is still taking this better than I'd expect. Geez, does he have an escape rocket built into that chair or something? The twins and the diced up single digits also sense what is going on. Audery tells the twins to take the trainees and run, and gives them a moving speech about how they should live their lives. The twins decide that how they want to live is risking said lives to save the other Claymores still left behind.
    Well this isn't good. Before it was just three rank 1 Claymores that the rebelling warriors had to deal with. Now it's three abyssal ones. Rafetela finally collapses. I'm not sure if this is really the end for her or not. Rimuto still hasn't freaked out. Either he believes in keeping a calm face till the end, or he does not realize how bad this is. The twins show how much they value their comrades. Even after being told it'd be okay to run away, they still want to save as many as possible. Whatever training the Organization did to try and destroy their sense of self clearly didn't destroy their humanity. Now if we could just find out their names already.

    Eat Shit-
    Now that she's awakened Roxanne can understand why Cassandra would eat something that tastes like shit. In fact she's so hungry that she's willing to eat some of the Claymores still laying around. The twins leap to the rescue, but who's going to rescue them? Cassandra! Well sort of. She just doesn't want to share with a number 2 who should be eating shit. Roxie argues that after she diced up Cass, she became #1, but as far as Cass is concerned all Roxie ever will be is a shitty #2. So Roxie decides to dice up Cass again. But this time that doesn't happen, as despite her looks, Cass can dodge everything.
    And so the rivalry continues. Cass isn't going to start respecting Roxie even after she awakened. Some people don't like Roxanne's awakened form, but I sorta do. It looks like a taller, thinner version of Alicia's. And like Alicia, she can use her arms as lethal bladed whips. But she's got more arms. That said it didn't work on Cassandra. Seems that despite her looks, Cassandra can dodge pretty damn well. The only thing I wonder, is did her feet leave the ground? Perhaps her own attack style would be the best way to bring Cass down.

    Let's make a deal.
    As for Miria, she's trying to get at least one injured warrior out of there alive. But her path is blocked by the now awakened Hysteria, who happens to have a couple of the warriors with her. And she still has that sword stuck in her throat. So she can't eat anything. But if Miria would just pull it out, then Hysteria would be willing to let her and the injured Claymore go. It's a great deal, as Miria is clearly in no shape to fight her. Miria is determined that no matter what she will not fail to save her comrades again. Already at her limit Miria pushes forward, only to get yanked back down. By Anastasia. And some faces Miria finds far more familiar. Yes, the calvery has finally arrived. Deneve tells Miria to calm down. Three creatures of the Abyss are going to be hard enough. But add in awakened Miria, and they can't possibly win. Besides, the ghosts need to hit her for being so stupid.

    And finally, Deneve's group arrives. Seems like it took long enough, although probably not that much time passed. But will they be enough? Granted Roxanne and Cassandra seem like they'll be focusing on each other. Now a lot of people dislike Hysteria's awakened form, feeling it lacks elegance, that she so prized before. Thing is it seems sorta familiar to me. Like something from a painting but that I can't quite place. Anyways, I think in her case, it's supposed to have a twisted, corrupted form. Her upper half in fine, and if you changed her bottom so that the legs were rays of light, and the spikes a halo, she'd look sorta angelic. Now there is one other question I've been wondering, and I've seen others wondering it as well. Why aren't the Awakened going after the organization's members? If their human shouldn't they be more appealing than the Claymores? But then, have we ever seen any evidence of an awakened wanting to eat a MIB? Perhaps they can sense something about the MIB that we don't know. And in all honesty, looking at them, I just cannot imagine them tasting good.

    Winner of the Month- This month was a bit tricky, as their were several good showings, such as the twins rescue, and Cassandra's surprising dodging skills. But in the end, I give the award to Anastasia, as her pulling Miria back manages to keep the situation from getting worse.

    What does it mean? It means your about to get your butt kicked!

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    Re: Claymore 121 Review

    I chose Cassandra as my favorite AO design, as she's the most unique design, especially in-for the Claymore world.

    I like Luciela's form, but we seen it before... female version of Naruto 9-tailed fox + squid (or Bee's octopus juriki, lol)

    Alicia's form is sleek sexy deadliness-death, but not unique.


    should I add Rosemary, Beth, and/or Priscilla to the poll, or do you want them excluded?


    I haven't yet looked at the chapter, nor have time to really make any comments at the moment, due to my school symester being almost over, meaning I'm still (very) busy for 1-2 more weeks.


    but just some quick, comments:

    Hysteria: basically a "chimera", Spider+Harpy. we've somewhat seen this with the Gonahl female AB "Wyvern" that Ophelia kills.

    Roxanne: a metalic-robot-like Alien Queen Rosemary or a metalic-robot-like Alicia

    Cassandra: Infected Awakened Beth + "Worm-Hydra" AB that Miata kills.


    Notice how all the BCs are hiding inside to protect themselves from the unleashed AFs (and now the Awakening Dead Rank 1s)... EXCEPT Rubel and Dae... ???

    We know priorly that Dae fears for his life, as he wouldn't travel back along with Infected Raki. However, this is presumably too exciting for him to worry about his own life...

    But... Rubel... wow, is he fearless... is it for a reason (like maybe Rubel is uber powerful)... possibly?


    Deneve all by herself is going to pwn all 3 Awakeneds with her bare hands, tearing them to shreds as if she was Teresa or Miata, hehe

    And then she's going to punch Miria.. RIP... Miria finally is now actually truly dead !!!

    Deneve crying... sorry it's so hard to control my strength now... sob sob sob


    All 3 did end up Awakening, so I was wrong about this, as I had judged earlier that they were seemingly quite stable, despite the manga suggesting that they weren't. Well, now we know, either they weren't stable or despite being killed they were "programmed or destined" to Awaken.



    I presume the 3 AOs aren't eating the BCs as they're all still inside the Org HQs (remember that the BCs had locked themselves inside already from unleashing the AFs to kill off the Rebels), while the battling (and the 3 AOs) is taking place outside.

    Now... there is Rubel and Dae to eat... as they are the only two BCs who are outside...
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