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To honest, I don't think this looks decent at all. They pretty much stands chance at only doubles 2.

And Ochi/Mouri have to be somewhere. Mouri probably to 2nd court where Niou was before and Ochi in 3rd court. It's shuffle match. It doesn't make sense right now, but it will in the long run.
Niou was court-less. The Mutsu he defeated replaced him in 2nd Court.

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HS 5th Court:

S3: Takei
D2: Miyako/Matsudaira
S2: Nakagauchi
D1: Washio/Suzuki
S1: Yamato


6th Court:

S3: Oshitari. Y,
D2: Kamio/Kikumaru/Ootori
S2 :Yagyuu
D1: Marui/Hirakoba
S1: Fuji. S
R: Sengoku, Chinen, Amane