Warning: This fanfiction may contain material that some may find disturbing which includes sexual content, taboo-subjects, and profanity. If any of these may offend you personally, then reader discretion is advised.

Main Character: Lovino Vargas.

Genre: Psychological tester, Romance, and various others mixed into smaller concepts.

This fan-fiction is my re-take on the Hetalian universe; the basic concept is good, but overall I feel that it's simply pandering instead of actual history put into place. Sure, that's all well and fun and sometimes even hilarious to take part in Himuriya's point-of-view, but at the same time as a historian I feel that there are several things missing or simply left alone and never mentioned or thought of again. So, I created this initially as a way to see if I actually could write Hetalia fanfiction, and that leads it to now.

Here are link(s) to the first chapter; I'm including two links to allow for anyone who wants to go to either, to do so at their own leisure. They're all equally updated, and chapter one starts off tame (mature themes begin in Chapter Four).

DeviantArt Link for Chapter One

FanFiction.net Link for Chapter One

Main Pairing: Itacest (Lovino x Feliciano)