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Thread: The role of the assistants

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    The role of the assistants

    We have a similar thread about editors, but if you think about it, a manga in created not only through the means of a mangaka and his/her respective editor, but the assistants are also playing a major part in this as well. In chapter 156, we got a small reminder on how hard it is actually to be a mangaka… and an assistant. So, in content to the previous chapter, I want to ask you…

    What do you think about the assistants and their role in Bakuman? How realistically are they portrayed? What are their roles as characters in the Bakuman series, and their roles as assistants in the WSJ-universe? Was it a surprise for you to learn about the existence of assistants in the first place, or do you already knew about them, before reading Bakuman?

    Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, I want to know all that.

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    Re: The role of the assistants

    The assistants, AKA the secret solders.

    I feel kinda sad how they are treated like they don't exist and don't receive any credit. Considering the amazing effort they put to make the manga even better ((Kubo and Togashi needs assistants)). The only thing they mention is the author, but he's not the only one's working. The only assistants we know are the authors that used to work as assistants before getting into the big game like Oda. Before One Piece, he was Watsuki's assistant. And also Beelzebub's Ryūhei Tamura was Toshiaki Iwashiro's assistant for Psyren.

    And yes, I knew about assistants before reading Bakuman.

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