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Thread: What is the point in having two series at the same time?

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    What is the point in having two series at the same time?

    Ever since it was made canon, that Ashirogi would have 2 series and not 1, it's been bothering me to no end. Everything that would make sense, if they dropped PCP and started a new life with Reversi, does not make sense now.

    The two main goals of AM are getting an anime and beating Eiji. At first look, it makes sense, that they would use one manga for getting an anime and the other one for beating Eiji.

    But it doesn't.

    If we assume that Reversi is the one to bring Ashirogi their anime, then PCP is left with the role of beating Eiji. That will be a little hard, considering they run in different magazines.

    The next possiblity is that PCP will get an anime and Reversi will fight Zombie Gun instead. Does not make sense either way, because PCP is not going to get an anime. The change in serialization format, does not change the reason why they don't get an anime.

    The third option is Reversi taking on the role of both, getting AM their anime and beating Eiji, but then it becomes unclear as to what the point in keeping PCP alive is. PCP becomes nothing but deadweight that way.

    And finally we have the possiblity of PCP getting an anime and beating Zombie Gun. Somehow.

    Thus, it leads me to the question. What is the point in having two series at the same time?

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    Registered User 英雄メンバー / Eiyuu Menbaa / Hero Member perroloco's Avatar
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    Re: What is the point in having two series at the same time?

    Eiji did it so they (sort of) need to do it in order to prove they are as good as him.. Basically...
    Though to be fair Eiji had two WEEKLY series and he did both art and story in one of them while the other is a collaboration.
    Let me put it this way.. Eiji's CROW was done entirely *assistant's aside* by him, the other manga which name I forgot made by Eiji and Iwase is done by two people, just like Ashirogi.. So supposing PCP's monthly chapters are 36 pages long that is 2 week's chapters.. So Eiji still did more than Ashirogi because he did 18 pages per chapter so..
    Eiji (and Iwase)
    4 (chapters per month) x 2 (number of weekly series) x 18 (number of pages per week)=144/2 (to have each series total)=72/2 (this is what Iwase does basically)=36
    So 144 pages-36 (Which is what Iwase would mean in this equation)=108 pages per month done by Eiji alone

    4x1x18=72+36 (Monthly PCP)=108 BUT!! Remember this is done by both members of Ashirogi so its actually 108/2=54

    Also.. PCP is popular enough, this week's chapter was a direct answer to this question, PCP sell good enough, not crazy good enough like other meta-mangas on Bakuman but good enough to continue on WSJ, sadly it won't get an anime adaptation so that's why Ashirogi began doing a piece that very well could be adapted into an anime.. Now REVERSI (Which IMO is a mix between Jojo and Death Note)

    So basically the authors wanted Ashirogi to be on pair with Eiji.. Which they aren't.
    And PCP is a good enough series to continue so why end it?

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    in absentia 有名人 / Yuumeijin / Celebrity saladesu's Avatar
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    Re: What is the point in having two series at the same time?

    What perroloco said. Eiji did it, so they want to do it too, to prove they can do it. Not to mention that it also shows how they, or rather Saikou, has improved as an artist as he's able to draw a lot faster, but with the same (or possibly better) quality.

    Also, it's not very realistic to allow them to end PCP as and when they like (ie just because they now have Reversi), especially as they did this before with Tanto. This also shows how they have matured since back then. It's not all about getting that anime as it used to be for them. They've mellowed a lot, which is a good thing IMO.

    Anyway, I'm expecting PCP to sort of fade into the background a little, as the spotlight shifts solely onto Reversi. Reversi is likely to be the series that accomplishes both their goals (it has already allowed them to beat Eiji for a few weeks), but maybe PCP may get some mention now and then.

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