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Thread: One Piece Gigant Battle: Shin Sekai

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    Exclamation One Piece Gigant Battle: Shin Sekai

    I was surprised that i couldn't find anybody had made a thread for this game? for what i could see anyway, i may be mistaken haha.

    But, although the game may not be to everyone's taste, i found a video of the Opening on YouTube, it's interesting and funny, it shows battle scenes such as:

    Ussop vs Akainu (LOL)
    Luffy vs Hody
    Franky vs Eustache Kidd
    Zoro vs Golden Lion Shikki.

    here's the link for anybody who is interested:

    you can discuss whatever you want about the game here, but i made this thread mostly because i thought the opening was interesting!

    Thanks guys

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    Re: One Piece Gigant Battle: Shin Sekai

    game is good, better than the first.

    missions are also harder from an earlier standpoint than in gb1 where it would get difficult only in the latter parts. the amount of characters are great and supports are very nice, too.

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