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Thread: RP Forum Rules Thread

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    RP Forum Rules Thread

    Roleplaying Forum Rules


    • A role-playing game (RPG) is a game in which players assume the roles of characters in a fictional setting. Players take responsibility for acting out these roles within a narrative, either through literal acting, or through a process of structured decision-making or character development. Actions taken within many games succeed or fail according to a formal system of rules and guidelines. (wikipedia)

    • The Game Master (GM) is the person responsible for making the RP(Roleplay), format, the plot, setting, organization, enforcement of his rules and overall beauty and appeal for his roleplay to the players. He may or may not participate in the role play, many would think of him as GOD, but not he is only a MANAGER.

    • The players sign up in the thread that the Game Master makes and introduces his idea of a role play, usually done as an interest check thread before players start to sign up and get the RP going.

    • The story is there for the GM to choose it can basically be ANYTHING. It is also his choice if the RP would be more serious or more lighthearted, meaning no long and serious posts and story developments but rather a short "chat like" interaction between the players.


    • Respect everyone, respect their way of roleplaying, respect and listen to the Game Master, respect the characters the others make, no bashing and insults about discussions and topics that may come up in the threads.

    • No stealing ideas and characters without permission, if some idea does not work out or does not get evolved into a roleplay please do not steal it without the permission of the person that came up with it, do not take a character someone else made without their permission as well.

    • Advertising the Roleplays may go into signatures and the thread designed for it. Do not harass and bother members to join your RP if they do not want to, also do not create threads around the forum to advertise your RP.

    • Listen to the GM and follow his rules, everyone should know he is the final word in the RP. If you do not like certain GMs rules, do not join that RP. No trash talking about GMs around the forum they have a lot on their hands, be careful how you treat them. He has the final word on his story, accepting character sheets and mechanics. Talk with him on something, he will always compromise, I advise GM's not to take authority like steps with this rule, just tell what your bottom line in the RP is.

    • The going away thread is where you announce you are leaving, also please take in consideration to specifically announce in the OOC threads of the RPs you are as well.

    • The GM will settle conflicts between players, if anything goes wrong he should report, anything you feel might go against forum rules feel free to report even if you are not a GM.

    • All other MangaHelpers Etiquette Rules apply to this forum as well.

    Game Master/Playing

    • The Game Master is the word of law in the RP about the style of playing, he can make it any kind he likes, he can set up the rules as he likes as long they follow the RP forum and MH general rules. Rules within the story and mechanics are all up to him.

    • Usually the Game Master has to write up a setting/plot for the role play, followed by the set of rules he wishes to enforce in his game. He with the help of players he chose can also place NPC's(Non-Playable Characters) in his game, set up mechanics and Character Sheet as well, other options are his choice as well. Check the Roleplaying Glossary below for more information.

    • Without placing to much restrictions on the GM we advise that you do not allow super powerful characters and god-modding in your role plays. They tend to get annoying if unbeatable characters are participating and everyone does what ever they want. Keep it fun for everyone.

    • Players should listen to the GMs rules, the way of role playing is determined by the RP you join, please read the rules of the GM carefully, ask the GM questions about playing if you do not understand something he set up.

    Roleplaying Glossary

    • RP- Roleplay.

    • GM - Game Master, the Manager of the RP.

    • co-GM - cooperating Game Master, hired by the Game Master to help with the RP.

    • CS or CT - Character Sheet or Character Template, the guide for making your character.

    • NPC's - Non-Playable Characters, characters set up by the GM or players that others can not use because these may be used in the story by the GM.

    • Mechanics - The power-play is moderated by this category, this is where the GM sets the limits of powers, weapons and anything he might use in the RP, this also is a place where he places his quirks and add ons for the RP like a guide to character making and such.

    • Rules - Mostly behavior rules for the rolplay by the GM and other important stuff he needs you to know. This is where he sets up the playing standard and style as well.

    • OOC - Out of Character thread, to discuss about the roleplay going on in the ST(see below) and for guidance by the GM to his players, also a thread for all kinds of discussion on the RP, stay on topic here and do not spam too much.

    • ST - Story Thread, this is where the characters roleplay, the first post is made by the GM as he sets up the story, the GM will eventually update the thread with a new post and progress the story.

    • HT - Hangout Thread, all those that are new to this or want basic intro into RPing should visit the thread, members and staff will help you out gladly.

    • GAT - Going Away Thread, used to announce when you leave and for how long, do not spam it as it is very important for others to see the info you give.

    • AT - Advertising Thread, use it to promote your RPs or your GM's RP if he agrees.


    • The RP forum is made for fun and enjoyment to everyone, it may help some to improve their writing skills as well. The more you roleplay the more you understand it.

    • You can be in as many RPs as you like, we advise do not take up too many if you do not want to overwork yourself, you can be a GM in as many as you like as well.

    • If you have any questions regarding anything in the rules PM me or any other staff member responsible for this section.
      We are always glad to help!

    • The other section is called the OOC or the Out of Character thread, this is where you set up the roleplay once you feel it is ready to start. OOC threads go there. The General forum area is for the story threads and important threads that may be of use(staff can start these only).

    • Follow all MH Rules and Guidelines and you will have no trouble, have fun rolplaying and enjoy the community. Thank you!

    All the Best, Mangahelpers Staff~
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