Hi guys happy holidays!!

I hope this is the correct place to post this, and I just joined this site so I want to introduce myself a little too. I'm a huge manga fan ever since I was little!! I'm interested in most mangas in Shonen Jump and love to collect mangas!! Which leads to my next question, I occasionally travel to Hong Kong and Taiwan for vacations, and whenever I go I bring back as much manga as possible because they are so cheap!! But this year or probably the next few, I won't be able to travel during my vacations. So, I want to ask if anyone can tell me good websites that I can buy Chinese translated manga at a reasonable price? The only sites that sells them or ships them to US that I know is Yesasia.com and eslite.com/tw. But Yesasia's mangas are too expensive and eslite.com/tw have very reasonable price and shipping cost, but the prices are in Taiwan dollars which means most people have to pay for international transaction fee when buying with normal credit cards and mangas goes out of stock fast and they don't always restock even for some of the new releases. Thank you all for your help and happy holidays!!