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Thread: The Breaker - New Wave's Best and Worst Moments of 2011

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    The Breaker The Breaker - New Wave's Best and Worst Moments of 2011

    What are the best and worst moments of The Breaker from 2011 in your opinion? What is the reasoning behind each of your picks?

    Here are some categories to consider:
    • Star of the Year
    • Best Fight
    • Most Shocking Character Development
    • Best Plot Twist
    • Best Moment/Event
    • Most Disappointing Moment/Event
    • Most Fascinating Special Appearance
    • Best Flashback
    • Worst Flashback
    • Best Page/Panel
    • Worst Page/Panel
    • Funniest panel
    • Best new character
    • Best technique

    Feel free to think of other categories and add your picks for those as well (with reasoning behind them, of course). They may even be added to the first post. Just remember - No bashing, please.

    Have fun
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    Re: [FEATURED] The Breaker - New Wave's Best and Worst Moments of 2011

    Well I had some time to kill so here I go:
    • Star of the Year
      Shioon of course !!!

      Shioon is the main character of the story and his lack of knowledge from murim people is hilarious, also he is the best "womanizer" (cathes the attention only of "most" beautiful girls), although up untill now Shioon still didn't realize this himself...
    • Best Fight
      This is a really hard one.

      Almost all fights when Shioon has control over his ki are interesting, so I decided instead on this one:

      Jinie vs Guys from strong dragon schools (first ever fight in "The Breaker: New Waves")

      This fight was erotic in my opinion, becouse a guy from strong dragon school has almost shown boobs from Jinie with the sword, but instead almost got a shoe from Shioon in the head, and later also unexpectedly got smashed from Jinie...
    • Most Shocking Character Development
      When I saw Shiho in that machine, it gave chills down my spine. My first expresions:

      I can't express it, was I happy to see her there in that condition, or was I sad. It was definitely the most shocking development for me in all of the "New Waves".
    • Best Plot Twist
      First Sera wanted to kill Shioon, now she is in love with him...
    • Best Moment/Event
      When Shioon punched Yo Ji-Gun. At that time the story got really interesting for me again as it was in first part of the series "The Breaker"...
    • Most Disappointing Moment/Event
      The last pages, when they say there will be no chapter next week...

      Well, I like this manhwa so much that up untill now for me there were no events or moments when I really hated in the story. Sure I didn't like some things first, like Sera being a bad person, but later it turned out that she is good. You see if anything is bad, that can change in next chapter when everything goes upside down and the thing you hated becomes the thing you love !!!
    • Most Fascinating Special Appearance
      It has to be this one.

      I was hell ya, now it's starting to get good...
    • Best Flashback
      I really wanted to know about Jinie's past. Well Jinie is hot/sexy but her personality has issues (she is violent). That's why I wanted to know her history the moment when Jinie has thrown a beg with medicines back to Shioon, at that time I realized she must have had a hard childhood, but is now independent (first apperance in front of Shioon did not count, why anybody could react like that, but "later" tracking down Shioon and throwing the bag back at him means something is wrong wth her).
    • Worst Flashback
      I liked all of them untill now, even the flashback of elder Jang-Ro, becouse he bowed and apologized after flashback, what Shioon accepted and than elder Jang-Ro was all fired up to teach Shioon.
    • Best Page/Panel
      When granny said (next to Shioon) that girls must take off Shioon's clothes in chapter 42...
    • Worst Page/Panel
      Chang-Ho just doesn't know when to stop fighting (). He also looked like a mainiac, although I underrstand that the author wanted to give us such expression of Chang-Ho in that panel.
    • Funniest panel
      The same as "Best Page/Panel".
    • Best new character
      Sera, why I liked her the moment I saw her in first chapter.

      First of all, I must point out her personality, why she's calm and thinks fast, reasonably and all her actions are planed beforehand. In a matter of fact she is so independent that she forgot how good it is, if you have somebody reliable to talk and to hang out with - like Shioon in the story. I also realized that even she herself needs to convince others sometimes to execute her plan successfuly, but at that time she is the most vulnerable.

      Second, I must point out also her beauty, as I like long black natural hair and young appearance (hell ya, I'm also young - some say that I'm even younger than I look like... ).

      Third and final reason why I like Sera: I should also say that it's kind of obvious she's not poor (good/expensive clothes) and wouldn't just marry a man, coz of money...

      FINAL: Well if I ever meet such a girl in reall life I would grab her and never let go of her untill I die...
    • Best technique / release
      The same as "Most Fascinating Special Appearance".
    • ADDING: What would you change/add/rewrite in the story
      I would change/add: I only hope that Shiho is not dead, and that doctors would only say she's in deep coma, not that a doctor would say she was brought to life again, if this is what author intends.

      Why Shiho: I also like girls who dare to say (with words and actions) everything "directly" to get the attention of the person they love, but only to that 1 person and be normal to others (Shiho ignored all male teachers and ltteraly grabbed GMR's chest).

      Why would I change or add this: If the person was brought back to life, everything would sound kind of strange to me. The whole story would become like fairy tail (I prefer realistic stuff with a small touch of unrealistic/supernatural/... ). Well, I would deffinitly hate that part, if they are going to say she was brought back to life from when she was completely dead !!!

    PS: This is based only from "New Waves" releases untill the end of year 2011, when "The Breaker: New Waves" was still incomplete.
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    Re: [FEATURED] The Breaker - New Wave's Best and Worst Moments of 2011

    • Best: ShiWoon x SeRa
      ShiWoon is naive, trusting and tends to rush into things and gets pissed off quite a bit. SeRa is intelligent, calculating, keeps up a poker face and doesn't lose her shit at every single thing unlike Jini. Obviously ShiWoon and SeRa need to get together and then adopt JiNi as their child. JiNi would never lack love again. Everybody wins. Also JiGun can marry JiNi and be the son-in-law.
    • Worst: ???? x ????
      I dunno I guess I could make something up. How by ChangHo and ChunWoo the two names sound somewhat similar obviously they're soulmates. Also, you are now imagining that bald broken-toothed jackass making out with the Nine Arts Dragon. THIS INSTANT.

    • Best: Yu JiGun's Soft/Light Blade
      Pretty cool weapon. Saw it once in a different manhwa a long time ago and thought it was awesome and then when Yu JiGun brought one out it completely subverted my expectations since I thought he'd use a more traditional/typical sword. Also he carries it around his wrist by wrapping it or something and the way he brings it out is pretty pimp.
    • Honorable Mention: JiNi's Improvised Tonfas
      Up against a scythe-thingy wielding bitch without a way to fight? Oh hey, these chairs are broken in an oddly convenient way! INSTANT TONFA GET. Just look at that picture in Chapter 45 where those two sticks are just lying there's it's fucking hilarious. Also JiNi uppercutted that fucker with them in the next chapter and that was awesome.
    • Worst: Glasses's Gauntlet
      Hey guys I use a fist-style martial arts but I'm a pansy so I'll protect my hands instead of fighting bare-handed like a real man even Yu JiGun uses his bare fingers when he's not using his sword which makes me pretty fucking pathetic.

    • Best: NweGyukGwun [Lightning Strike Fist]
      Still pretty much the most awesome technique in The Breaker. I defer to what I said in the Techniques thread. I believe it was used a grand total of three times - once by Yi GyuBum in Breaker, and twice by JiNi. Granted, the second time she used it, she didn't announce it. Also Bitch hit her while she was midair so it failed but yeah I'm pretty sure it was the NewGyukGwun. (For those wondering, it was Chapter 41).
    • Worst: NeGyukGwun / SweHonGwun / Soul-Crushing Strike / Bone-Crushing Strike
      I don't dislike the technique itself, I dislike the confusion over it which isn't helped by the scanlation groups as well the author himself making a mistake, like in Chapter 28, in which NeGyukGwun was written as NweGyukGwun for a while before the page got fixed. Which somehow got people to thinking "OH HAI SHIWOON CAN USE THAT NOW TOO" to which I'd like to tell them to handily shut the fuck up. And then there's ChangHo's improper use of the technique. I don't even know where the fucking Bone-Crushing Strike came from, though that may be because I have a horrible memory. But seriously I wish people would stop talking about it because it's annoying. I may reread from Chapter 1 of Breaker to the most recent chapters so I can figure this thing out and post it so everybody can put it behind them and stop being morons.

    New Major Character
    • Best: SeRa
      Awwwwwwwww yeah. Deadpan snarker big sis if you hate her you probably hate everything good in life. Also probably the only female potential love interest not to be all crazy and shit. Keeps her head calm even when shit's going down yo.
    • Worst: Bitch
      I hate her so much I can't even be bothered to remember her name.

    New Minor Character
    • Best: "Professional" YeRi
      The best character ever introduced. I ship her with Master. I could write an extremely cheesy fanfic about them. MY GOD I CAN SEE IT IN THOSE TWO WERE MEANT FOR EACH OTHER SO FUCKING MUCH. Possibly the best character in the entirety of the Breaker universe. I dream of the day she learns martial arts and becomes the new main character.
    • Honorable Mention: Elder Jun
      Also known as Asian Kimbo Slice. Seriously you people who make fun of him need to go die in a ditch. Nobody fucks with Chinese Rambo AKA Korean Hulk Hogan AKA Japanese Arnold Schwhatshisnamegger. His beard is 12 times manlier than you will ever be so bow down before his fucking might you pansies.
    • Honorable Mention: Cat
      That cat from Chapter 37. I cried in my heart when it died. Fuck you, Bitch. You also tried to kill "Professional" YeRi. Are you going after Asian Kimbo Slice next, you whore? WHY DO YOU HATE ALL THAT IS GOOD IN THIS WORLD BITCH WHY?
    • Worst: That Dude From Chapter 46
      "Hey man S.U.C. has Pentagon-level server management I have glasses." I guess I just hate it when this cliche regarding technology comes up.

    Most Memorable
    • Drama: A-Team's. Watermark. The Breaker seems to see quite a bit of scanlation drama. I mean, at the very least, I don't recall seeing people making a rucuks for other, more popular manga. Lot of shit went down and this year ended with A-Team's NSFW watermark. Which was pretty hilarious in my opinion but only because I never actually downloaded their scans and simply read the reactions of others.
    • Character Trait: Gang HaIl. Something that I really liked about HaIl was his tendency to adhere to his sense of fashion. First shown on Chapter 24, you can see that he keeps his hand on his hat for pretty much the entire time he's kicking the ass of the swordsman dude. It seems to be a part of his fighting style; he still does it in Chapter 49 when attacking the Elder, despite knowing the difference in their level. Leaves an impression on you, and it's pretty cool.
    • Smug Face: Glasses. Seriously just read Chapter 35. Fucker pulls off one smugface after the other. That shit-eating grin (seriously what the fuck does that even mean I see people use that phrase so often) makes you want to punch his fucking face in.

    Stuff I Hated
    • As noted above in the Techniques second, I get really tired of the confusion over the Soul Crushing Strike and shit.
    • Speculation on what Black Arts / SunWoo techniques ShiWoon may or may not know. Seriously what the fuck it's getting old real fast and I just get annoyed with it all.
    • Speculation on when ShiWoon will have his danjeon restored. At the beginning of the series people presumed it would take 20 ~ 30 chapters till he got it back. When it didn't they started speculating again. Thankfully this seems to have died down a bit and hopefully it will be dragged into an alleyway and then shot point blank in the head to get people to stop asking about it.

    Tired of writing shit down so I'll stop it at that.
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    Re: [FEATURED] The Breaker - New Wave's Best and Worst Moments of 2011

    Star of the Year
    THE HEAVENLY DIVINE DAN - without it there is no Shioon

    Best Fights
    well there's alot of best fights in the breaker but i just notice that every time they put this setting Shioon wins in the end

    Setting : The protagonist will be a punching bag then fights back 10x and it will happen a lot in the NW:
    *Shioon vs So-Chun Hyuk = Shioon becoming a punching bag but still wins
    *Shioon Vs Yi Gyu-Bum = Shioon becoming a punching bag but still wins
    *Shioon Vs. Chang-ho = he was hit by a bat but he still wins
    *Shioon Vs. Ji-Gun Yoo = Shioon becoming a punching bag but still wins
    *Shioon Vs. Goth Girl =Shioon becoming a punching bag but still wins
    *Shioon Vs Shade's Guy = well this one is still on the works but still we know what will happen right?

    Most Shocking Character Development
    Jinie Being a Cat Lover

    Best Plot Twist
    Shiho in a capsule

    Best Moment/Event
    The Granny that teaches Shioon the meditation and she's surprised how GMR widens Shioon's Meridian

    Most Disappointing Moment/Event
    The Author Showing how to kill a cat (i love cats you know!)

    Most Fascinating Special Appearance
    The Previous Sunwoo Clan head -i want to see his full face and why the other Elders think highly of him

    Best Flashback
    well the best flashback will be on the : BREAKER part 1
    GMR meets Unwol

    Best Page/Panel
    i know there's a Shioon version of this one to lazy to look

    Worst Page/Panel
    She Killed a Cat - I love Cats!

    Funniest panel
    click it and laugh ,i'm laughing already!

    Best technique / release


    100% sure that Zoro already surpassed mihawk! 10/06/10

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