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Thread: Looking for an Artist!!!!!

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    Looking for an Artist!!!!!

    I am seriously interested in starting a manga, but though I have been trying my drawing skills are still lacking greatly… I’ve been writing for a long time and have many ideas for a manga I believe would be great. The one I am currently working on would fall under the categories of Shounen/Shoujo, supernatural, romance, and school. It is more of a battle manga. I have spent a great deal of time working on it and have a lot of information compiled.

    To give a very brief description/synopsis the story centers around a young girl who has been selected as the only one of her race to enter into a school designed to end an immortal war. She has been kept ignorant of her world by her father, the tyrant king of their people. She soon finds out that among the four great immoral races hers is the most despised. She is forced to prove to everyone that she isn’t the type of person that her father has painted their race to be. There will be many battles, assassinations, aspiring love, betrayal, and much more. (Very brief synopsis here ^_^ )

    I am looking for someone who is open with ideas. I wouldn’t be able to pay anyone however if it were to take off the manga would be ours. I do have a particular style in mind; however, I could hear someone out. My top five inspirations for art would be Uta No Prince Sama, Black Butler, Mashiro-Iro Symphony: Love is Pure White, Vampire Knight, and Rosario Vampire.

    If anyone is interested or has any further questions please PM me or email me.

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    (Here is another synopsis I have done. It is a bit more detailed as to the beginning of the story.)

    In the Immortal realm war is an ongoing reality that seems to be never ending. For hundreds of years the four immortal races have fought for supremacy, never stopping, never able to accept defeat. Jesse, the God of the Immortal realm, had thought it couldn’t get any worse. He had known they were already out of his control, and had assumed he would just keep doing what he had been doing all this time. Deal with it, and clean up the mess. He never imagined one of the three Life Gods would suddenly vanish leaving the title up for grabs among the already bloodthirsty immortals.

    In a last, desperate attempt to fix things Jesse does the only thing he can think to do. Reach out to the youth. Though the odds were not in his favor he makes an insane pact with the leaders of the four immortal races. His plan was to build a school in a place that only those permitted could reach, where the four immortal races would go together and learn about one another, and in exchange he wouldn’t show himself again to any of the leaders. He wouldn’t get in the way of their plans as long as they obeyed the pact.

    The school takes off as the children from these races are thrown together in this crazy battle driven environment. The Wears, Vampires, and Bloodsages charge in ready to climb their way to the top of the battle ranks. However, one of the races wants nothing to do with the school. The Shannagon, the most hated of the races, ruled by the tyrant king Nakari.
    The story starts here as Jesse finally persuades Nakari to send a single student. To Jesses’ bewilderment Nakari decides to send his own daughter. Niaeta is a gentle soul who has been over sheltered and blinded by her overbearing father. She has never been outside of their Kingdome and knows nothing of the other races. As she enters the school she finds out very quickly that her people are hated, and feared by the other races.

    The story continues to follow Niaeta as she tries to prove to everyone that her people are not the monsters everyone thinks they are. She fights to prove to them and herself that she isn’t weak. She is forced to face all of her fears as the friends she makes are targeted, and the world as she has come to know it begins to shatter all around her.

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    Re: Looking for an Artist!!!!!

    hey im interested pm me back if ur interested and i can show you my work

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