I am about to partake of the Holy Manga Creation Process.

I would like to discuss and verify what makes sense.

I'm going to use a Nib Pen and an Inkwell after Sketching on (8 1/2 X 11 s).
Any suggestion here please!

After this I'm going to scan it in using a Epson or the like scanner with 4800x4800 dpi
in greyscale (16bit : 66535 levels of grey??).

Then I'm going to add custom dibbled Screen Tones after importing it into GIMP , with
GIMP using a series of layers.

Then I'll add the Text Balloons then import into OpenOffice and output to PDF and/or SWF

I *was* going to try to convert the works using a bitmap to vector process but it doesn't
make sense at this time.

I figure I can get 33% more detail if I stack (3) 8/2 X 11s horizontally and the adjusting
the layout and resolution via the final result output device (ipod, print,etc). So the scanned in result total will be 25.5 X 33 (multiplied by 4800^2 dpi) before final result. Does this make sense to you?

What do you guys use as your archive format as far as DPI? Is 4800dpi overkill? I
want to write for today as well as tommorow. And scalling from a good RAW you'll never
lose that quality.

Another question I was just thinking... When will they ever make 48bit colour available
for displays? It's a bit bizarre to see this in current scanners.

Should I use more than one type of pen? What is the best type of paper for the inking

I've very excited about this!

Always open to suggestions to this process.

John Lutz