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Thread: Liar Game Chapter 145 Discussion/146 Prediction Thread

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    Liar Game Chapter 145 Discussion/146 Prediction Thread

    This is the thread where you discuss the current chapter of Liar Game.

    24 Hour Spoiler Rule:
    • Please keep all discussion regarding the newest chapter and its content inside the spoiler/chapter discussions until 24 hours have passed after the raw/chapter's release.
    • Please wait 24 hours before using art from new chapters in signatures and avatars.
    • The 24 hour rule will be strictly enforced. This is a courtesy rule. Not every member reads spoilers and not everyone can read new chapters as soon as they are released.

    New chapter is out on TDX's website:

    Thoughts on the chapter:
    This is where having a cast of characters that is the same for 2-3 games in a row causes problems.

    There is absolutely no reason why anyone would believe Kimura because Nao's character is known and people know they were competing in the last game. Hell, even if they hadn't competed for games in a row, it would be pretty obvious what was going on simply by looking at their facial expressions or stopping to think about why Kimura would reveal that information.
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