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Thread: H.E. - The Hunt For Energy by Boichi

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    Harasho 神のごとし / Kami no Gotoshi / Godlike
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    H.E. - The Hunt For Energy by Boichi

    H.E. - The Hunt For Energy
    By: Boichi
    Genre: Sci-Fi, Comedy
    Serialized In: Jump X
    Publisher: Shueisha
    Publication Status: Ongoing, No Compiled Volumes

    Since childhood Narushima Hiro could see the energy released by all things, in the shape of little men. Now working for a Japanese Petroleum company he is tasked with leading a team to find the "nex-gen" energy source for Japan, something to replace Japanese dependence on oil and nuclear power. Can he and his team successfully secure the nex-gen power and secure Japan's energy future?

    New by the Mangaka of Hotel and Sun Ken Rock

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    Re: H.E. - The Hunt For Energy by Boichi

    This is very interesting, I mean a manga about Hunting for energy this manga has got me hooked.
    2D > 3D

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