Shibou to Iu Na no Fuku o Kite
By: Anno Moyoko
Genre: La Nouvelle, Drama, Psychological
Serialized In: Shuukan Josei
Publisher: Shufu to Seikatsusha (1997), Shodensha (2002 Reprint)
Publication Status: Complete, 1 Volume

A story that wonderfully depicts the emotions of an overweight woman with low self-esteem surrounded within the harsh environment of slim and good-looking women. She then decides to lose weight after getting dumped by her lover. The consequences and side-effects are explored further after the 'achievement' it what she really wished for?

Shibou to Iu Na no Fuku o Kite is a stark examination of the psychology of compulsive eating and eating disorders. Anno Moyoko's unflinching presentation of this subject may make some readers uncomfortable. This is not a happy story nor is any attempt made to present it that way. Shibou to Iu Na no Fuku o Kite is intended for an adult audience.