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Hi guys! I already announced my comeback in the old review threat of mine back from chapter 637. Now it is 20 chapters later and a lot has happened in real life. Nontheless, for now I will continue to give all of you my opinion on the latest One Piece chapters.

Chapter 657:A Severed Head

"From the Decks of the World" continues and delivers us with some grammatical errors. "Two ships" is missing an "s" and has an unnecesarry full stop. That's almost as bad as Tite Kubo's Bleach titles! Anyway, it is great to see that the Franky Family is doing fine within GC. My prediction for the next cover page: Puffing Tom! Now, let the chapter begin.

Dragon Meat, much better than Dragon Fruit

We pick up where we left of last week: With a dead dragon and ... half of a human. With the funny line "I ate a dragon and got dragon powers" (maybe a reference to the German "Nibelungen" saga, where Siegfried kills a dragon and becomes immortal after bathing in its blood. I doubt it, it is probably only a variation of the devil fruits) we are informed that the dragon has been eaten already and that time has passed. Luffy uses the lower half of whoever to pose a centaur. First a dragon, then a centaur... remember this for now. The lower half doesn't like this abuse and protests by speaking (and punching Luffy into the earth... funny). How the hell a lower body part can talk is beyond me, just deal with it and remember: We got talking skeleton and a talking swordsman with a sword in his mouth. Then we discover something which was already clear last chapter: the island has a cold and snowy part and the hellish part we already knew. Both are divided by a river and are clearly totally opposites of each other. And then Usopp sees a harpy, a woman with wings instead of arms. Of course, like on Sky Island with the Klabautermann, only he is able to see her before she disappears. For now, remember these three creatures until the end of my review.

Franky Beaaaaaaaaaaamu!

Back to the B group without Brook, who was not taken away by the mysterious guys last chapter. Who would take a dead person with them anyway? They are all in a prison cell made of iron or so. It seems like it was well made to really keep people in there, but Sanji was already able to make a good dent into the door. However, they are not alone in this cell: A puzzle head is also there, and they (almost) reconstruct the talking head to its former form. This person was cut by someone, but he did not die. Similar to the talking Halfling Group A met. Nami points out my thoughts by saying that he is like Buggy, which cannot be true. But can it? More about this in the prediction/conclusion part. The person has a very old view of women which is the nightmare of every feminist out there, including Nami. What is funny: Nami says that wearing a bikini top the whole time is fashion. No, it is not. That is called "fan service". The head, who wanted to escape with them, apparently does not like pirates. But he confirms to Team B the Fire/Ice Island thing. Anyway, Franky uses a freaking Beam (Vegapunk's Labrotry?) to destroy the door. And then Sanji reveals that the head is the samurai of the country of Wa. This explains his antique views of women (Samurai are a product of the past). Interesting fact: Sanji knows of this hairstyle. How? Jeff probably told him about it. The samurai reveals that he would not simply kill people, but those who stand in his way. He searches for his son. Team B escapes and while doing that they break down a door to discover a room full of giant babies/children. Are they just giant children or are they actually the children of giants? I vote for the second option. Now, remember when I said to remember the harpy, the centaur and the dragon? With the addition of giants we now got four themes of Greek mythology. I think we will see more of this mythology on Punk Hazard in the future, my vote lies with Cyclopes.

Conclusion and Predictions

Usually I do predictions and such in the review itself, but this time I outsourced it. First, these are the fractions we are currently dealing with and their possible motivations.

The Shichibukai: The person who cut the Samurai and the Halfling, but they did not die. Who could it be? First, someone we do not know with an unknown devils fruit. Second, Trafalgar Law has the ability to cut people and they are still alive afterwards (remember Shabondy). Third, it is Buggy. Yes, really. Devils fruti abilites can evolve over time, and he probably got an invitation to join the Shichibukai before the time skip. Hell, why not? He could be hiding there, far away from the rest of the world.

The Halfling: Whoever this is. He got stuck to the dragon. Maybe he is the boss of Pirate Crew X?

The Samurai: From the country of Wa. Searches for his son and got cut up by someone while killing pirate crew X.

Pirate Crew X: Unknown pirates who used the Den Den Mushi to get help.
The Kidnappers: Kidnapped the Samurai and Team B, have giant kids in their base. Maybe the son of the Samurai is there as well? Depends in the age.

The Harpy: ???

Second, this whole arc reminds me of Thriller Bark. The Strawhats meet legendary beasts (Ceberus in TB, a Dragon/Harpy/Giants here), Luffy invites some sin against nature to join the crew (Brook vs. Halfling), and the group is divided right at the beginning of the arc. A Shichibukai is also involved.

See you next week,

Credits: All chapter 657 pictures taken from mangazone.