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Thread: [Submissions] Sig of the Week #191-192

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    [Submissions] Sig of the Week #191-192

    Sig of the Week #191-192

    February 2 - February 16 (2012)

    The theme of the Week:
    Attachment 2086valentines_day_14_feb.jpgAttachment 2088

    The month of love
    Valentines day is upon us again. So this this contest theme is to help celebrate Valentines on mh. Who has a special place in your heart? Show it with your submission . You can also go for the 'general happy valentines' or something related to it - if you don't want to share who is in "heart" this year.

    Requirement: Signature must contain something related to Valentines.

    Hi & Welcome to the Bi-weekly Signature Competition!

    • Everyone can join this competition. There is no minimum post that you need to make in order to join the competition.
    • Each competition comes with its unique theme. Follow the theme and try to expand your creativity. Failure to abide by the theme will automatically result in a disqualification from the contest.
    • The regular signature dimension and size restriction still applies unless stated otherwise. Having said that, your signature cannot exceed 200x600px and 400kb.
    • No excessive, suggestive, spoilerish, porn-related signatures in the contest.
    • Entries for the competition must be posted in this thread.
    • A sig can only enter one competition. Recycling of sig entry in other competitions is not allowed.
    • If you have multiple signatures, kindly choose one for this competition.
    • Kindly credit the artist of the stock if the stock does not belong to you. *Important: From now onwards, simply crediting your stock to "found on google" is not going to be acceptable. We know that you found those picture from google (duh..) but we want you to credit the original source. Google is not your original source; it is just a means to get to that source. If you found the picture on google, make sure you address the correct website that links to your picture. Don't say "google". Thanks.*
    • Kindly submit your final work. No editing your post for newer versions of signatures please. Slight corrections or fixes allowed, such as text or color, quality.
    • No plagiarizing please. Ripping someone's hard work is just wrong.
    • Use the Image Gallery or be potentially disqualified. We will help you if you ask for help, though.
    How to submit contest entries:
    1. Go HERE.
    2. Click the browse button near the upload area option.
    3. After upload is complete, you'll be redirected to your uploaded image.
    4. Scroll down all the way to the bottom of the gallery page and click share-picture Click here to show.
    5. Copy the bb code listed there and post that code in this thread using the proper posting format.
    Post Format:
    "Theme" - "Optional custom title" by  "artist"
    (Large size thumbnail - upload image to the Image gallery. )
    "credits, other comments"
    Theme & Title: Female - Sayuri by Leen
    Stock / Credits: from

    Duration: BI - Weekly
    • For two weeks after the thread is opened: Submissions of all the entries can be made.
      The thread will be locked by two weeks after or at +/-11 pm EST*.
    • Voting for this contest will be held for one week, after submission period is over.
    • When voting ends: Announcement of the winners will be made.
    • A new bi weekly theme contest will start as soon as the previous contests dead line is met.
    Please don't comment here on anybody's entries.
    Discussion should be done in the discussion thread instead.

    Spoiler: 9 PM Tuesday EST in other time zones show

    Good luck everyone.

    Last edited by Charlie; February 02, 2012 at 06:54 AM.

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    Re: Sig of the Week #191-192

    Valentines! - Happy Valentines to MH!~

    credits: here and here.
    extra comments: HAPPY V DAY

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    Re: Sig of the Week #191-192

    Valentines - Valentine in a pic by Kakashi919

    Credit/Stock - Here

    Note: This is how I view valentine day. If you don't quite understand it then... lol @ you

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    Re: Sig of the Week #191-192

    Where's the new Boku no Hero Academia forum?

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