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Thread: Azumi by KOYAMA Yuu (1994 to 2008, 48 volumes, HQ RAWs @ Mediafire)

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    Azumi by KOYAMA Yuu (1994 to 2008, 48 volumes, HQ RAWs @ Mediafire)

    Yesterday, I made a request on MAL for a translation group member to put Azumi forward as a possible project. Seeing as there wasn't any response, I decided to request that one of the few active groups I know of - Japanzai - look into it. But, although it seems there would be members willing to consider it, the comments make it look doubtful that any of the translators would be willing to deal with a largely serious, LENGTHY work. Then someone on MAL posted about mangahelpers, and...

    It is possible that someone over on Japanzai WILL seriously consider Azumi--that's why I'm mentioning it. But I figured it wouldn't hurt to make a more general request on here as well before waiting to see.

    Here are links to the other threads created:

    You'll find all the links required, as well as a few scans I uploaded to show the clarity of the scans and Azumi's art, in the above two links. But, since I can include them...


    The short of it is, Azumi's up there with classics like Berserk and BotI - offering something not provided elsewhere - and it's NEVER been translated into English. Only people familiar with the live-action movies are even aware of it. And, with all the ecchi/generic rubbish that gets translated purely because it's a new, I think there's something very wrong with that picture.
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    Re: Azumi by KOYAMA Yuu (1994 to 2008, 48 volumes, HQ RAWs @ Mediafire)

    Well I don't know if it is all thanks to you, but now it is translated.

    It is a really interesting manga, very good and it even did won prizes.
    Thanks for going through the trouble of asking for this one.

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