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Thread: Hunter x Hunter 336 Discussion

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    Re: Hunter x Hunter 336 Discussion / Predictions

    Yes u are right., references with the Norms don't apply with the zoldycks but doesn't mean there are no intended or implied history or development with regards to their dynamics.. Like sibling rivalry between kalluto and alluka presumably and all that, like how milluki seems to be annoyed with killua's arrogance and him somewhat disregardof bec of how rubbish people think of his talents at home.

    I think there is more to illumi than just a sick overprotective brother, and he seems to be developing into something he isn't aware of himself right before our eyes., as tsubone hinted a few chapters back.

    On another note, has illumi ever fought someone non-fodder before? Although I must say he is proving to be a really interesting character.

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    Re: Hunter x Hunter 336 Discussion / Predictions

    Totally true...Also the fact that kalluto is jealous of killua...
    Up until this point I think most people saw illumi, as killua's older brother..I 'm glad we were able to learn more about him, and I 'm more excited now to learn about his character. It would be more or less an epic fight between him and hisoka, now I wonder why hisoka doesn't try to fight him? Their relationship really intrigues me, two psychopath acquaintances, hmm..
    I wonder which one will lose it first?
    Speaking of which? Where is hisoka now or what is he up?
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