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Thread: Godhand Teru by YAMAMOTO Kazuki

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    Crying Godhand Teru by YAMAMOTO Kazuki

    Title: Godhand Teru ( ゴッドハンド輝) (天生妙手)
    Mangaka: Yamamoto Kazuki
    Magazine: Weeky Shounen
    Number of Volumes: 60 (already complete)

    Plot Summary: I can just go to mangaupdate and copy then paste the summary here, but i wont. cause the summary says nothing about the manga itself. the manga has frequent been in top 20 ranking and polls of Japan, along with popular mangas such as Naruto, One Piece, etc. the story is simply about life of a hospital's doctors and nurses but it's not a kind of lonesome adventure like Blackjack but a combination of many people, heart breaking moments, loving, hating, mysteries and much fun, not like many other medical series mostly about sadness and loss. and what else? the main character is not the type that goes from zero to hero like many shounen which is a thing i like a lot

    there have been only first 18 chapters translated and the translation was stopped more than 2 years ago. no signs of any translation after that at all, totally NONE. which is really a loss for such a good manga. the first time i read this manga was 7 years ago and I have loved it til now. really hope someone will translate it, even just "raw" or "poor" translation cause it is a medical manga, there are many terms and difficult words and it does take time to go. I dont know Japanese and the only thing i could help is English adjustments. but if anyone is willing to help in translating this, i do not mind for searching helps in all other forums

    RAW downloads:
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