Claymore Chapter 123- The Elegant's Wings.

Well this took me a while to get done. No, it didn't take that long to write up. It took a long time for the chapter to appear, and then my internet was down for a few days. But at last the chapter is out, and my review is done. Just be warned that next month if the chapter is out on or after the sixth, it may take a while for it to appear. Gotta save the Galaxy from the Reapers. Anyways the poll results. First off nobody feels that Roxanne is going to kill Hysteria. One person thinks it's Galatea, or other, one person wants it to be Cassandra, and one person wants to see if Miria would be more successful the second time around. Ironically Priss and Claire get tied with two votes. But the winner, with Three votes is that it'll be the ones fighting her now.
Gripping The Ground-
We open with Miria explaining how Hysteria has become more dangerous now that she's jumping instead of flying. As we now see, the spikes Hysteria sends out anchor her, and she can use them to move sideways or pull herself down. This enables her to move faster than she could before. And now they have several wounded. Deneve is healing the side of her head and arm, and it seems to be taking her some effort compared to how she usually does. But worse off is Dietrich, who is missing part of her guts. Then Hysteria gets herself a replacement meal, with Anastasia. Whoever pulls the sword out of her throat gets to live.
We start out with an explanation of how Hysteria is suddenly moving better. It's about what I expected. She's still connected to those spikes, and is using them to pull herself around. It looks like Cynthia and Yuma are going to be working overtime. I find it odd that Deneve is taking as long as she is to regenerate. She shouldn't be tired yet or anything. With Anastasia literally pinned down, the wounded keep adding up, too.

The Pursuit of Perfection is a Flaw.
Miria is amazed at how several single digit warriors were taken down in a single strike from Hysteria. She wonders how strong she would be if she awakened. She doesn't want to be strong enough to beat the three Abyssal ones, just strong enough to enable the others to escape. But Deneve isn't going to let her do something so stupid. She lets Miria know that her wanting a flawless victory where no one gets killed is a weakness. Miria has already given those that follow her what they want most. The ability to be human. And now they will win, as humans.
We have a talky bit here. Miria considers awakening, again. But Deneve is able to convince her not to do it. As Miria figures, there is too much of a risk of her simply attacking those she was trying to protect. Once again we see how good Deneve is at understanding those around her. She knows just what to say to Keep Miria from doing something stupid, while restoring her resolve. While I did say that it would slow up the plot, and not be necessary for the chapter, it was a good sequence.

The One Who Removes This Sword...
Is Nike. That is to say Nike takes Hysteria up on her offer. Seems she's been humbled after Hysteria's assault. Of course Hysteria warns her that should she try any funny business, she dies. Meanwhile Deneve gives Miria a crash course in how Anastasia's hair works. And technically she doesn't lie when she tells Miria that Claire is resting in Rabona. But more interestingly Miria judges how far away Cassandra and Roxanne are, and tells Tabitha and Deneve to get ready. Ready for what? Well Nike does cut Hysteria, but not to kill. Rather she cut's Anastasia free, and Deneve and Tabitha sweep in to save her!
Deneve continues to show good judgment. Honestly she's probably the most level headed of the ghosts. Rather than distract Miria with the truth, she sorta omits a few things. Of course eventually Miria will have to find out what actually happened, but that can wait until they don't have three abyssal ones to deal with. I must admit Nike surprised me. At first I thought she was going to ask Hysteria to spare Anastasia in exchange for removing the sword. But she had a more cunning plan than that. In hindsight it makes sense. Only someone really fast at attacking could use that sword to kill Hysteria. And Claire is not present. But Hysteria was not expecting it to be used to cut Anastasia free. Of course no way Nike gets away with this right?

The Phantom Flies-
Actually, yes she does. Apparently Hysteria prides herself on keeping her word. Anyways it's not like they can run fast enough to get away from her. Well, they will if Miria can help it. Of course she can't beat Hysteria's speed. So that's where Helen comes in, breaking the ground when Hysteria tries using her anchors. Anastasia laments it still won't be enough. But Deneve tells her to focus on healing. They got a job for her as Miria heads towards Roxanne and Cassandra...
I'm gonna hazard a guess here and say that Miria plans to get Hysteria involved in the fight between Roxanne and Cassandra. And then the Claymores will try to manipulate things in order to weaken all three, so no matter who wins, they can kill them. But I imagine she'll need Anastasia to make a path she can use with her hair. Actually it's kinda funny that Hysteria hasn't figured out Anastasia's hair yet. The male awakened figured it out pretty quickly. I also think that we are getting near the end of the fight with the three number ones. By the end of the next chapter Hysteria should be involved with Cassandra and Roxanne. But will Dae get his wish, and will Priscilla appear?

Winner of the Month- Nike
For being brave enough to sacrifice herself to save Anastasia, and smart enough to come up with a workable plan. Actually worked out better than she planned too.