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Thread: Nisekoi

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    Title: Nisekoi a.k.a. ニセコイ, 伪恋, False Love, Tình yêu giả
    Genres:Shounen, Action, Comedy, Romance, School Life
    Author: Nomi Naoshi
    Artist: Nomi Naoshi
    Publication: Shueisha; serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump
    Start Date: 2011
    End Date: N/A
    Number of chapters at review: 49
    Number of chapters read by reviewer: 49

    General Overview:
    Being young and in love is such a good thing that doesn't belong to the "beansprout and gorilla" couple otherwise known in public as the "Super Lovey-Dovey" couple. Ichijou Raku and Kirisaki Chitoge are forced into a relationship with a three year term. This relationship created a temporary cease-fire between the Ichijou Yakuza and the Kirisaki gang from turning the city into a complete war zone. Not to mention that it doesn't help Ichijou Raku one bit in pursuing the girl he actually likes, Onodera Kosaki.

    Category Ratings: (1-10 scale)

    Art: 10
    As usual, Nomi Naoshi's art assets are superb. Although I must say that the art style has changed a bit from his previous work.

    Characters: 8
    Ichijou Raku and Kirisaki Chitoge are both the heirs to their respected family gangs.

    Ichijou Raku is the son of a yakuza leader. He's all Japanese, physically weak but has a great sense for helping people or animals out. He is greatly adored by his father's Yakuza members.

    Kirisaki Chitoge is half-American and half-Japanese. Her father is American while her mother is Japanese. Ms. Kirisaki attended school in America for awhile before going to school in Japan. Since she knows how to converse in Japanese, it would be assumed that Ms. Kirisaki learned Japanese from both her parents or in particular, her mother. Her father's gangsters love her to death.

    Nisekoi's plot has been modified from the oneshot of the same name. One could also consider this as an alternate dimension of the Nisekoi oneshot.

    The prologue played out similarly and Ichijou Raku and Kirisaki Chitoge still made their appearances. This time around though, there is less focus on the involvement of the family gangs. There is actually more focus on the relationships between the protagonists and other characters who are introduced into the mix.

    The theme revolved around childhood promises in which the entire story is being driven by. Naoshi has exploited this and exaggerated this to an even more crazy level than the one-shot. Insanity ensues as the manga progresses.

    Overall: 9
    Entirely different from the one-shot of the same name. Instead of just Ichijou Raku and Kirisaki Chitoge, a new female character, Onodera Kosaki, is added to make this whole entire affair spicier. Seems to me that a couple would prefer that Komi Naoshi kept the original storyline. I beg to differ, if there were so, the plot could only be so long before the plot stagnated. By adding in another love interest, the story could play out much better as there would be inclusion of awkward situations, confusion, tense situations and incidents that could move the story and continue character development.

    I would recommend it for those looking for romance with a good dose of comedic relief.

    Spoiler: Scenes from First Chapter show
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