Title: Alice 19th
Author: Watase Yuu
Year: 2011
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Supernatural, Romance, School Life
Status: Completed (7 volumes)
Serialized in: Sho-Comi (Shogakugan) (J) / Viz Media (E)

Summary from MangaUpdates:
Alice Seno seems like a normal girl in high school. She's a bit shy, she's got a crush on a boy named Kyou, and she's got an older sister who is more popular than she is... pretty normal stuff, until Alice has an encounter with a mysterious and magical rabbit girl that changes the course of her life, and Alice is introduced to the sublime power of the Lotis Words.

Personal Thoughts:
Alice 19th is one of my first series. Alice 19th is the typical "Sailor Moon" stories. One day a female student received a magical power which allowed her to fight the darkness in people heart. She went on a journey to save people she loved from darkness, together with friends she made along the way. Quite typical, don't you think so?

First I was captivated by the art. I think Watase Yuu has a beautiful artwork, I really like it. Second, since I am a big fan of magical powers like that (yes I love Sailor Moon!), I found the magic system used here interesting. If I remember correctly my friend told me before that the language used to cast the magic is real, and so are the meanings. Last is the overall presentation. I like how the plot is dynamic, fun, but sweet too.

Some might think this kind of story is a bit too standard, but I still like it. It reminds you of good old times, where you believe that one day your feelings would reach those you love if you fight for it.

Anyone else read it?