I meant to mention this when recommending the daunting challenge of taking on an oldish (well, started in the 90's, anyhow!), largely unknown title like the original Azumi: right after it was concluded, the author started up ANOTHER Azumi series. It would seem he wasn't happy with some of the things he did when he was less experienced and opted to re-do the entire story--obviously making it different enough to be worth people reading.

This doesn't even have a mangaupdates entry, and its description on RAW sites is C&Ped from the original. There's not much information to share other than the RAW links themselves and the original thread I made:

Ideally, it goes without saying that the new Azumi would be translated after the original, but I was optimistic when suggesting the original and I doubt anyone would be willing to even try to translate something so long when so many newer, easier-to-get-up-to-date with titles exist. So, I figured the on-going remake would be a good 'compromise' suggestion.