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Thread: Gunka no Baltzar

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    Gunka no Baltzar

    Title: Gunka no Baltzar
    Genres: Seinen, Action, Historical.
    Author: Nakajima Michitsune
    Artist: Nakajima Michitsune
    Publication:Shinchosha; serialized in Comic @ Bunch (Shinchosha)
    Start Date:2011
    End Date: N/A
    Number of chapters at review: 12
    Number of chapters read by reviewer: 12

    General Overview: After a decisive win, the war ends. Major Baltzer is then given a new assignment: transfer to Baselland's Military Academy as an instructor. Much to his chagrin, Major Baltzer obliged and set out knowing full well that his performance will impact his military career. Once there, Major Baltzer began to take notice of Baselland's military training. They have not been modernized and he hoped to improve it curriculum amidst impediments.

    Category Ratings: (1-10 scale)

    Art: 7
    Decent art style. It's not the best but it could be overlooked. I noticed that the depth of distance is poor and seems awkward.

    Baltzer has to assimilate into the environment of a military academy. This will also effect his ranking as a military officer. Baltzer cannot go against this as it was a transfer to the military academy. There he befriends cadets and even gain the respect of a Prince. Baltzer's role seems to be to strengthen the political ties between his nation and his host nation. The Prince however is not so keen on allowing Baltzer to do as he pleases. However, the two might need to work together in order to strengthen the nation.

    Bernd Baltzer is the main protagonist. As a Major of Weißer, he is both shrewd and quick-witted. At all times, he is shown to be a very dependable person and one who carries a character with high integrity. Some might dislike Baltzer's demeanor but he means well. After the war that Weißer won, Major Baltzer was transferred to Baselland as a military instruct at the Baselland National Military Academy. Once being in Baselland, Baltzer notices the antiquated military tactics and technology used to his astonishment.

    The third prince of Baselland and a military instructor for the Baselland National Military academy, Ryner August Wrinklefeldt, heads the infantry training program. He is a stubborn and stern man who is quick in delivering corporal punishment as he sees fit.

    Rudolph von Liebnecht is an old friend of Baltzer. A past incident has separated them but they were re-united in Baselland. Rudolph is also a very cunning man who seems to have connections with important people.

    The theme might be a conflict with further militarization and how best to do so. Should the elder Prince be made king or should the younger Prince be king? How will the beliefs and experiences of both Princes lend themselves to bettering the nation when political turmoil is about to burst? These are very relevant questions for Gunka no Baltzar because the next son who becomes king will either ruin or save the nation. In simplistic terms, succession seems to gain more and more of a prevalent place in this manga.

    I'm not sure if I have encountered much manga about the topics which are presented in this manga. It presents the perspective of the military from a political point of view. Most manga dealing with anything military-related tend to involve the use of military force without much focus on the political aspect which is more prevalent in military engagements than not.

    As of writing this, other anime and manga has come to mind but when I reflect upon them, Gunka no Baltzar is also different. This manga is more concerned with the internal state of affairs and it brings the readers into it whereas other mangas don't bring the readers or views into such an intimate setting.

    This manga is quite an intriguing one. It's a good change from the shounen type. I would recommend this manga as an additional read.

    Spoiler: Images from Chapter One show
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