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Thread: Kabi no Tabishounin - The Arms Peddler

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    Kabi no Tabishounin - The Arms Peddler

    Title: Kabi no Tabishounin a.k.a. 牙の旅商人, 牙之旅商人, 이빨의 행상인, Kiba no Tabiakindo, Kiba no Tabiakindo - The Arms Peddler, Kiba no Tabishounin , Kiba no Tabishounin ~The Arms Peddler~
    Genres: Seinen, Action, Adventure, Mature, Supernatural
    Author: Nanatsuki Kyoichi
    Artist: Park Joong Gi
    Publication: Square Enix serialized in Young Gangan
    Start Date: N/A
    End Date: N/A
    Number of chapters at review: 30, ongoing
    Number of chapters read by reviewer: 30

    General Overview:
    In pursuit of revenge, Souna Yuuki has agreed to give ownership of his life to an arms peddler named Garami for a chance to kill a man named Hydra. This only impede Souna's revenge because Garami must go where there is business. In Garami's line of business, people despise and loathe her kind and that's because Garami is an arms peddler.

    Category Ratings: (1-10 scale)

    The art is fantastic. Just a word of warning, there are nudity in this manga.

    100 years ago, the world underwent a catastrophic change. The only relics that were left over would be considered modern day firearms. This is the backdrop. The story itself takes place in a wasteland inhabited by cruel and evil creatures that has preferences for human flesh.

    As the story progresses, the reality of the what the world has become begin to unfold. As the world unfolds, it reminds me of the world of Thundarr the Barbarian. Of course, instead of having a caveman-esque protagonist, it's a cowgirl-esque protagonist.

    Souna Yuuki
    At the start of the manga, he is found dying of thirst. It's here that he is saved by Garami. His family was murdered by Hydra and his gang. Souna Yuuki was left alive by Hydra only to spread Hydra's infamy.

    She is an arms peddler and part of a guild. She has a mysterious past that seems to be unraveling. As the story progresses, there are hints every now and then that piques the interest of the reader.


    A revenge theme is interwoven as the story progresses. The details are still scant but it has to do with Garami and her past moreso than it has to do with Souna. Kabi no Tabishounin seems to incorporate a double-revenge plot with one being the support while the other one will ultimate surfaces as the main driver for the story. The main story, from what I could tell, is most likely Garami's revenge plot. One of the primary reason why I state that is because the story could further be developed through her than Souna.

    Originality: 8

    When I first read it, the start reminded me of Kurohime. I was even wondering if the artist was the same. It's interesting that the author, Nanatsuki Kyoichi, is the same one that is behind both "Jesus" and "Yami no Aegis." The world of "Jesus" and "Yami no Aegis" is also the one that is shared with "Until Death Do Us Part." "Alcbane" is also a part of this fictional world. Something similar but on a larger scale is CLAMPS' own universe or multiverse. But, Tabi no Tabishounin, to my knowledge, does not inter-connect with the world where "Jesus," "Yami no Aegis," "Until Death Do Us Part" and "Alcbane" reside in.

    The future world of Kabi no Tabishounin is a cruel and inhumane place that resulted from the recently deceased advanced civilization of mankind.

    I'm not sure if it's a good manga to recommend. The plot is weak and not as concrete as it should be yet. It's broad and the two main characters might clash in terms of spotlight. If the author is skilled enough, both plots could be played out independently and/or separately. The worst scenario is if the author melds the double revenge plot into one and make it even grandiose. Perhaps a concrete plot will form after the next ten to fifteen chapters?

    I wouldn't recommend this manga as a read even if the art alone might be worth it. My reason is that even though the story has a lot of potential, it exudes a less than stellar plot. Basically, the story might be a disappointment however promising it might seem.

    Spoiler: Scenes from First Chapter show
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    (Please read from right to left.)

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    Re: Kabi no Tabishounin - The Arms Peddler

    Saw the first volume in a store, the story is really catchy. I wonder how the manga will grow!

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