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Thread: Webcomics and Online Manga

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    The amature manga I´m representing is mine and I hope you guys don´t mind. If you want to see my work and let me know what you think go to this link.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hermie View Post
    Alright, here's where you can discuss, recommend, or discover webcomics. Which is your favourite? Have you found a hidden gem few know about? Tell us!

    I'll make a list here in the first post, so if you provide a link, a genre and a short description, I can add it in here.

    We're not updating the first post anymore, but feel free to recommend webcomics and good online comic reads as well as free and legal amateur comics you can find online. They don't need to be manga style and it's also not important whether it's comic strip, page or chapter releases ~eni

    MH recommends:

    Gag-a-day Comics (pure and simple, a short strip, one joke a day)

    Penny Arcade - The most famous webcomic of them all, Penny Arcade is a gamer comic with great timing and hilarious jokes.

    Gags with continunity Comics (this is the middle ground, it's usually a rather short strip with a joke at the end, but it also has character development and that jazz)

    Questionable Content - Indie rockers that hang out at a coffee bar, making intelligent puns, and have intricate love triangles.
    Applegeeks - This is a beautifully drawn comic about guys who.. well, loves Macs. There's also a hot robot girl, and an evil squirrel, btw...

    Story-driven Comics (these are the longer, heavier comics that have complex stories and more advanced art (that doesn't elliminate the jokes, though).)

    Dominic Deegan - Great fantasy comic about a seer and his family. It has it all, good art, great characters, love, hate, friendship, drama, and a high pun precentage. Defintely worth a read.
    Dr. McNinja - The title says it all, doesn't it? He's a ninja, who is ALSO a doctor! How ultimate is that? I know, it sounds like it just plays on various internet memes, but it doesn't fall into that trap, and the art, composistion and layout are what you would find in a store-bought comic (both are educated artists, and the inker works for Black Horse). It also has a gorilla, an evil corporate mime, a giant lumberjack, and raptor-riding bandidos, amongst other things...
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    Re: The Webcomics thread!

    I recommend... my comic!!!! Lol

    But srsly, take a look - It's called Castor!
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    Re: Webcomics and Online Manga

    It's by no means an amateurs work, but since it's about webcomics as well and that's the closest it gets, I'd like to recommend The Wormworld Saga,mostly for its art since the story isn't far yet with only four chapters.

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