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Thread: 81 Diver by Shibata Yokusaru

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    81 Diver by Shibata Yokusaru

    81 Diver
    By: Shibata Yokusaru
    Genre: Gambling, Shogi
    Serialized In: Weekly Young Jump
    Publisher: Shueisha

    Kentarō's former shogi teacher taught him to dive into the 81 squares of the shogi board. Thus he was nicknamed "81 diver". He failed to enter the professional shogi league,.however he still makes a living by gambling in amateur shoji clubs.

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    Re: [Featured] 81 Diver by Shibata Yokusaru

    Wait so he lost due to him not playing with a girl before? Or did she just use that to distract him even more, in the first and in the second game? I am also interested if we will learn more on how this guy views the meaning of his life, it was really materialistic and the panel where he is viewing all the money and is still not satisfied. I think we took off from an absolutist view that is the strongest and all he can do is go against the stronger ones. I simply do not understand this guy.

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