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Thread: Hey everyone!

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    Hey everyone!


    I'm Kemuel!

    Graduated from Uni last year after four years of studying Japanese, looking at getting in to scanlation to keep my skillz mad. I got kindly pointed here from someone on Reddit's /r/manga after asking advice on how to make a start in the community. I'll mostly be hanging around the Scanlation Academy I think, helping proofread translations while looking to improve my own.

    I've not been paying much attention to the manga world for the past couple of years, but I've been reading in English, German and Japanese for probably about ten years now. All-time favourite series I have on my shelves at the moment are Trigun, Death Note, Kenshin, Rune Soldier, FMA, Orphen, .hack, Outlaw Star and Zetsubou Sensei, and I'm keeping up with Naruto and Ao no Exorcist online. My list of things to read's as long as my arm because there always seems to be some game or other getting in the way..

    Pleased to meet you all!

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    Re: Hey everyone!

    If you want cheap PS4 games, contact me.

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