jmanga is the result of the japanese digital comic association - a manga streaming service. currently it has a small library but has deals with major magazines like weekly shounen jump etc..

up until recently it was only available in us/canada and has now opened worldwide. would a service such as this be an ideal step for non-japanese reading fans of manga or is it still too early to assess this.

yes there are folk that read their manga online, as there are those that download/read them. as well as the group that enjoy the hardcopies. both downloading and hard copy purchases said to be furture ideas for jmanga.

would such a service have enough pull for readers to use it with its "introductory" range of manga and its current streaming only function?

would the future incentives of downloading and direct purchasing, be enough for folk to join now or would you be more likely to wait and see where jmanga is, in say 6/12 months from now?