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Thread: Blackjack612's Review of Naruto 576 The Reunions Guidance

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    Blackjack612's Review of Naruto 576 The Reunions Guidance

    Welcome all this week's Naruto chapter review. There was no poll last week which mean's there are no results to go over, but do vote in the poll for best story arc from the last year which is still open. Now for the chapter review...

    Naruto 576 The Runions Guidance
    The images in this review are credited to mangazone.

    The chapter opens on Sasuke who has just seen his deceased brother flying through the treetops of a nearby forest. The shock of seeing Itachi stirs up complicated emotions in Sasuke who's known very different Itachi's in his life. First, there was the kind older brother. Then, that was replaced by the distant, calculating, fratricidal aggressor, until that image too was replaced by the troubled, tragic figure torn between the loyalties to blood and to country. When his shock subsides, Sasuke gives chase to Itachi, though Itachi continues on, preferring not to confront his brother. When Sasuke attempts to forcibly slow Itachi down with Susanoo, Itachi reveals his own Susanoo thereby verifying that he is the real deal.

    Itachi is impressed by Sasuke's mastery of Susanoo but doesn't want to slow down. His most pressing concern is ending Edo Tensei, which brings up a new concern. If Itachi is free from Kabuto's control, then does it follow that he'll still be around after Kabuto's technique has ended? Sasuke persistently follows Itachi, determined to get some answers. He claims that Itachi's running away from guilt or cowardice. Itachi counters with some of his trademark, philosophical double-speak. Sasuke does not lack for conviction. Set as he is in his train of thought, he wouldn't be able to understand, let alone accept, whatever reality Itachi revealed to him. Sasuke is unable to look away from any path that is not called revenge. Surprisingly, Sasuke shifts responsibility for this change on Itachi's shoulders. It's true that Itachi's decision not to kill Sasuke dominated Sasuke's life until their fateful battle, but everything that followed, the carnage, the murder, the betrayals, was done of Sasuke's own volition.

    So why didn't Itachi kill Sasuke? Because as a child, Sasuke had no knowledge of the Uchiha plot against the Hidden Leaf, and as a member of the Uchiha, to judge the crimes Itachi would carry out. Itachi believes that duty corrupted Sasuke and by instilling Sasuke with hate, he is directly responsible for his younger brother becoming a criminal. Itachi tried desperately with illusion to carve out a right path for his brother: one that would have made him a hero, avenged their clan, and ultimately redeemed the Uchiha's honor. But everyone must walk his or her own path and Sasuke's chosen his. Too late, Itachi understands too late that it's not enough to map out a path. Sometimes it takes guidance. Patient, unrelenting guidance through the thicket of suffering. Dead, Itachi can't hope to offer this, so he continues on with his mission and entrusts the rest to Naruto.

    Meanwhile, the Kage are still dealing with Madara who has just targeted Tsunade as the first Kage he'll kill. Not because her medical skill can delay their defeat, but because she's the granddaughter of Hashirama Senju. He compares Tsunade unfavorably to Hashirama whose skills were on a compltely different level. He didn't even require hand seals to activate his healing techniques. What's more, Tsunade can't even use wood style jutsu. She doesn't even refute those claims, but she won't tolerate being called a weak woman because she inherited a Will of Fire that makes her strong. And so the chapter ends with a welcomely defiant Tsunade warning Madara not to underestimate her.

    The art this chapter was a return to form after an underwhelming chapter last week. Kishimoto and the gang were firing on all cylinders. The flashbacks were well chosen. The characters were all very expressive. Madara appeared suitably condescending, Tsunade likewise looked defiantly confident. The stand out scenes of the chapter belonged to Sasuke and Itachi who both displayed a wide range of emotion this chapter.

    The Reunion's Guidance was a great chapter, even if I'm unsure what the title refers to. Is Itachi prepping a better path for Sasuke's reunion with Naruto? Is Naruto the one who'll guide Sasuke to reunite with the village? Or does the title alude to Kabuto taking a larger role in these affairs since his actions having been guiding all the major players: the allies, Tobi, Itachi. The art was fantastic. The dialogue was great all around, especially Itachi's. I didn't even mind the flashbacks to already seen scenes, given that some of them were shown from different angles (like a POV of Itachi tapping Sasuke's head). Although, I do think there were too many flashbacks. Sure, Itachi's death did happen around 150 chapters (3 years) ago, but sometimes it's best to assume that readers have been following along at home. There wasn't much in the way of action, but their was plenty of promising plot developments. I hope Sasuke follows Itachi all the way to Kabuto's hideout. I'm also excited to see Tsunade kick ass in a non-support position. Overall, this was a great chapter, so it should come as no surprise that I'm giving it a...

    5 out of 5.


    I expect Sasuke to continue following Itachi to Kabuto's hideout where Itachi will ultimately be killed by Kabuto/Orochimaru before Sasuke kills Kabuto/Orochimaru and/or ends Edo Tensei. I think the Kage will defeat Madara rather than delay him until Edo Tensei ends because I don't see the fight ending satisfactorily otherwise. If somehow Dan could be thrown into the mix, that'd be great. But while Kabuto/Mu is running around somewhere, I doubt he's fetching reinforcements.

    That's it for the review. I'll see you next week...

    Stray Observations
    • "I cannot stop now... I have important things to do."
    • "I can see through your genjutsu now because these are your eyes!!"
    • "You were the one who changed everything about me! I was supposed to die!"
    • "Besides, it wasn't for your sake alone.""
    • "I wish you would have walked the right path..."
    • Best use of dismembered body parts from a corpse worn as apparel and used for the sake of starting a conversation: "You, woman with the medical ninjutsu...are you a descendant of this guy?"

    One Line Reviews
    • Bleach knows how to build a mystery as it does hear with the final arc, yet I fear Kubo's not learned from the previous arcs failure to invest in characters and situations before the crazy shit starts happening.
    • One Piece was equally enjoyable with every cast member getting a good moment in this week's chapter and the cause of the Fire/Ice sides of Punk Hazard is revealed.
    • Tower of God is action packed this week as the mysterious looks-suspiciously-like-Baam continues his rampage against the poor regulars trying to get past the 20th floor.
    • Billy Bat was my favorite release this week with a chapter that skillfully builds suspense by elaborating on the possibilities and especially dangers of misusing time-travel.

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    Registered User 九千以上だ! / Kyuusen Ijou Da! / It's Over 9000! mattiaildivino's Avatar
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    Re: Blackjack612's Review of Naruto 576 The Reunions Guidance

    great review,it seemed even shorter than usual this time,to me. probably it was due to the fact it was really great and I read it with no boredom .
    I agree with the vote you gave,but I think polls would allow you to have more members visiting and joining this thread, By the way,I see you are still disappointed by Dan's futility . the chapter was great to me,I had tor ead it more times to understand it better,although itachi's speeches were ambiguous (as usual).
    Come to check our Bleach joint review (click on my signature ),and tell me what you think about.

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