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Thread: The World God Only Knows

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    The World God Only Knows

    Title:The World God Only Knows(a.k.a Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai)
    Genres: Comedy, Romance, Adventure, Shounen, Supernatural
    Author:WAKAKI Tamiki
    Artist:WAKAKI Tamiki
    Publication:Shounen Sunday (Shogakukan)
    Start Date:2008
    End Date:ongoing
    Number of chapters at review:88
    Number of chapters read by reviewer:88

    General Overview: Katsuragi Keima is known to his high-school classmates as "Otamegane", a combination of otaku[nerd] and megane[glasses], but in the world of video games he is known as "The Capturing God" a peerless master of capturing video game heroine's hearts. Trouble comes his way one day when a young devil named Elsee comes to earth in order to capture escaped demons that have hidden themselves in the emotional gaps in young girl's hearts. She misunderstands his title of "capturing god" and decides to ask him to be her partner, using the power of love to close the emotional gaps and force the demons out. This story is the tale of their adventures in doing that.

    Category Ratings: (1-10 scale)

    The artist has real talent for making his character very expressive in a humorous and cartoonish manner, which pays off for both the comedy and love scenes, other than that the art is fairly typical for gag manga.

    The basis of this plot gave me some deep concerns at first, as tricking girls into falling in loving is an inherently manipulative act. It works in this case however because each girl has some emotional issue that allowed the demon to take hold and, in his obsession with capturing "the perfect ending", Keima goes to extraordinary lengths to get them to resolve those issues. So what could have easily seemed manipulative ends up seeming much more therapeutic.

    It also helps the quality of the plot that many of the girls are not strangers to him. Some are there since the beginning and when a demon is detected he has to capture that girls heart. No exceptions. Which really makes the most of the colorful female cast and forces Keima into some hilarious situations.

    Keima is a great character and he is not at all what you might expect from someone called "Otamegane". He isn't awkward, insecure, or socially inept in the slightest. His genius is only surpassed by his self-confidence and his open devotion to love games. For those of you who have watched Code Geass, imagine a more humorous version of Lelouche that became obsessed with love games and you'll pretty much know what to expect from Keima.

    The supporting cast is also very solid. The Devils, Keima's teachers, Keima's family, and the majority of the girls are all very colorful and likable. A few of the girls do enter stereotype territory so, as much as i like the rest of the cast, I have to take off 2 for that.

    Theme. What theme?

    No such thing, at it's heart, this is a gag manga. Each girl does have an emotional hurdle that they Keima finds a way to help them overcome but i don't think those can really be considered overall themes. In the end this series is about the characters and the laughs.

    There are a few stereotypical parts in the makeup of this series but what they come together to make is quite original.

    If you are looking for a good laugh or some cute romance then "The World God Only Knows" is an excellent place to start. It's fun, lighthearted, and has a very likable cast of characters.

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    Re: The World God Only Knows

    Great great great! If you've ever seen or played one of those silly "dating sim" games, then you're going to get a big kick out of this series. Or even if you're a gamer, in general. Rrrrrrread it.

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