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Thread: Fairy Tail 275 Discussion / 276 Predictions

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    Re: Fairy Tail 275 Discussion / 276 Predictions

    Quote Originally Posted by Jorge D. Dragon View Post
    The chapter was ok. It's really interesting to see in action the guy who was on par with Elza all the time. It would be interesting to see them fighting against each other. Hope we'll get to see Natsu and Gajeel fighting against other two Dragonslayers sooner.
    About the premonition... Well, nothing new. We guessed that something will happen and big all-out battle will break out. It's interesting to see who is the big baddy behind the scenes. Hope it isn't just Ivan as I believe that it would be more interesting if he had some strong allies, cause there are tons of guilds and mages present at the Tournament.
    i agree that i am interested in this bacchus guy, but i dont want it to lead to an entire chapter of flashbacks, hopefully any flashbacks will be kept brief and to the point and not hog up a large portion of the chapter

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    Quote Originally Posted by liductan View Post
    Well, I think it's obvious, that it will be Erza....I'm going 100%, there were context clues in this chapter, that made it very obvious....
    yes and something tells me that there is something special to be revealed about lucy, and her mother in this chapter, they are no normal mages in my opinion we will find out alot more about lucy after this arc

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    Re: Fairy Tail 275 Discussion / 276 Predictions

    Regarding the title of the next chapter:
    I believe that the title for the next chapter, “chariot”, refers to what will happened on the second contest.
    From this chapter seem that in the next contest will participate Natsu and Gajeel
    I believe that “chariot” refers to the title of the next contest,
    The English is not my home language, so I was helped by Google translator.
    From the translation I believe that this mean a vehicle.

    I after some research on the internet I have found the definition in English of chariot.
    I believe that in our case the best definition is this “a light, two-wheeled vehicle for one person, usually drawn by two horses and driven from a standing position, used in ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, etc., in warfare, racing, hunting, etc”.

    In fact I believe that the contest will be a race using some vehicles.
    Obviously there will not be any animals to tow the partecipants, I believe that they will use their own magic, just like happened here (perhaps will be the same vehicles).

    Before of this chapter I thought on the contest the match between Fairy Tail team A and Fairy Tail team B would follow one of these two scenarios
    But to tell the truth right now I believe that these could be a mix of this.
    In fact I believe that we will have “Gazille - Natsu” and “Luxus – Lucy”, but then we will have “Mira – Erza”, while Gerard and Elfman will not participate in any contest (obviously if there will not a contest that will include two partecipants for each team).

    Natsu could participate on the contest because perhaps the hint, the word key will be vague, from it Natsu and the other will not be realize that will be involved some vehicles (perhaps the word key will be “race”).

    But there is also the possibility that he will be caused by Gazille or more probability by Sting.

    If this will happened I believe that Natsu will be in the last place, he will not be able to even start.
    In fact I believe that he will be with Gray in the tag team battle against Sting and Rufus, and they will win.

    In fact I was sure that this would happened since the end of the first contest (I was sure that Lucy would have lose, also if I hoped in a different way and that Natsu would have participate in the second contest and end in the last place).

    While for Gazille I believe that he will took a good place, in fact also if I don’t believe that he will not take the first place (I believe that first will be Sting), I believe that he will took the second or at least third place.

    I believe this because I don’t think we will have only a race, I believe that the mages could use their own magic for stop or at least slow down the other partecipants, and I believe that Gajeel magic could be really useful, he could use his swords, the one who used against Fairy Tail building

    Bucchus and the king:
    I believe that Bacchus is truly interesting, I really like that he fight with the drunk-syle, I believe that his fight will be similar to that of Rock Lee against Kimmimaro in Naruto or like that of Chu in Yu Yu Hasakusho.

    From the conversation between the king and the squadron chief seem that the king wants that one between Erza or Eflman will fight Bacchus.
    Also if perhaps the king wanted Erza I believe that he will fight Elfman.

    In fact both of them use brutal strength, they did not use weapons or spirit.
    I believe that the result of the battles between Bucchus and Elfman will depend from the result of the contest.
    In fact if Natsu will participate to the second contest and will end in 8th place I don’t think that Elfman will lose, because I can’t see Fairy Tail team A have still 0 points even after the 2nd day.

    For this I believe that this will end in a draw (I believe that there will be some draw in the battles), but perhaps Elfman could even win (if this will happened there will be the possibility that Bacchus will participate even in the contest).

    If the battles will end in a draw Elfman could be satisfied from the result, because I believe that Bacchus is really a famous mages counting the fact that even the king himself knows who he is.
    So this result in someway could prove to the crow/audience that Fairy Tail is not to week, could be the first step in this direction.
    If Elfman will be satistifed by the result then he could give back his place to Wendy in the
    fifth day of the tournament (also if in the truth after what has been said here I believe that will be 7th day, because I think that between the 4th and 5th day there will be two where there will not be anything, the partecipants would rest).

    But if Elfman will not be satisfied from the result Wendy could take the place of Natsu or Gray.
    In fact afer his win on Sting Natsu could be satisfied.
    Instead Gray between his win of Rufus and Natsu’s victory on Sting, Gray could be attacked, defeated and badly injured by Sting himself.
    If this will happened I hope that Lluvia will defeat Nelputing and perhaps even Sting for Gray.

    I hope that Bacchus in the fifth day of the tournament could fight Erza, and defeat her utterly.

    P.S: I was forgetting to write that I don’t think that Cana will participate to the contest in search of revenge against Bacchus, also if perhaps she will see the contest with the others, and perhaps her humiliation for Bacchus hand could give power/motivation to Elfman.
    I believe this because in fact I think that Cana will get his revenge in antother drinking contest.
    In fact just as was for the loss of Gerard and Lucy, Bacchus has cheated in fact Cana had drunk the whole day, while Bacchus was completely fine.

    P.P.S: I was forgetting another thing, and that after this chapter (in the truth I already thought this) I believe that the king is not involved in the plan of that white knight, he did not know it.

    I have other things to write but I will post in in another post if I will have enough time.

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