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Thread: Animation and Portfolios

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    Animation and Portfolios

    Im taking up Digital animation and Visual effects as my University course and im required to create a portfolio.

    On my Personal statement i described myself as having artistic flair, which i do, on a good day. But lately im lacking in inspiration. I havent done much if anything in my portfolio, which is the major requirement for the university course im applying for, so i was wondering how many of you have done Animation or any form of Art (not dance and music).

    If anyone has, I would like some advice from you. What to include and what not to include. What i should add in my portfolio and i shouldnt.

    My earliest inspiration in drawing was Googlez_kun, his artwork is beyond amazing and i wish to recreate something of his sort in my portfolio.

    Again, any Advice or suggestions would be great, and if any of you have a portfolio that i can see and use as an example to base mine off of will be great.

    Thank you.
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