Nice chapter !
So Reborn did all this for Tsuna ? Hmm i was thinking he did it more for Yuni , to help her release her curse that makes her have a short live . But well in a way he is accomplishing 2 things at once 'cause Tsuna is doing a good job now after the lesson that Reborn gave him while in his released form and if he wins the representative battle he'll let Yuni the victory . At least that's what i'm thinking

Vindice are so strong , can't believe how much of a difference is between them and the rest of the characters . I mean every team is facing 1 Vindice and they are struggling so much to win . But that Vindice sure is a coward to attack Nana like that , hope she'll be alright . I'm thinking Iemitsu will save her and his boss watch will get destroyed while doing that . Then the Vindice will leave since he accomplished his goal .
Now about Vindice i think they are so desperate to win this battle for Bermuda's sake 'cause they are also involved in the curse that is enveloping the Arcobaleno . WE saw that they existed from a long time ago so this idea came to my mind

p.s Fran is so cute A shinigami ppffttt . I love him