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Thread: One Piece 662 Discussion

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    Re: One Piece 662 Discussion / 663 Prediction ~ One Piece will be back on 11th April ~

    Quote Originally Posted by Kshunsui View Post
    i wonder if luffy and zoro haki's are strong enough to to negate the influence of the ope ope fruit, i doubt law go against luffy, he now something about the wild of D, and luffy intrigues him, but a batlle betwen luffy an law would be epic xD
    Luffy's most certainly is, and I get the feeling that Zoro's isn't far behind. But again, Law has grown as well and likely has haki of some sort too. It would be an epic battle, but it won't happen. They're basically friends.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chitgoks View Post
    luffy can armor his body using haki, it could be possible law's df power can't penetrate it like he did with smoker's heart. im not sure about shambles though.
    I was thinking that it was Law's use of Haki that allowed him to cut out Smoker's heart like that. Logically it would have just turned to smoke otherwise. But as you can see its encased in ice of some sort as well.

    I want to see the next chapter because as usual I'm having trouble seeing where Oda is going with this.
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    Re: One Piece 662 Discussion / 663 Prediction

    Quote Originally Posted by Lee-tyme7 View Post
    I can't believe law beat smoker so does that mean he is also stronger than luffy? I bet luffy is stronger. Than that mean smoker is fodder to luffy lol. But anyway that was an awesome fight but too quick for someone like smoker. Tashigi and the marines was there so maybe smoker was limited to what he can really do.
    Its too early to tell if Luffy is stronger than Law, but honestly I think Law is stronger (possibly), and because Smoker lost that doesn't make him fodder, geez I don't like when people do a simple comparison and because of a loss or whatever to a powerful opponent, they automatically think the person who lost is weak, I don't know if it was a joke or not, but it gets kinda annoying. Law winning against Smoker was supposed to build him up, not necessarily to tear Smoker down.

    That fight was great though, and The ending was definitely great. Law was already my favorite Supernova and this arc has made me like him even more, his motives are unclear, and I wonder where his crew is?

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    Re: One Piece 662 Discussion / 663 Prediction

    Don't know why ppl are sooo shocked about Law beating Smoker....Kidd and Luffy are going after Yonkos...Law, kidd, and Luffy are the three biggest and important ppl from their genration...Last i checked Yonkos are admiral level or much Law beating smoker who is vice admiral( assuming vice admiral strength right now ) would lose...Luffy can't be/shouldn't be stop by vice admiral especially if he wants to challenge BIG MOM ..2 years training would be useless in my opinion...

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