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Thread: Could shisui have been some form of rikudo sennin?

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    Re: Could shisui have been some form of rikudo sennin?

    Quote Originally Posted by hyper_megaman View Post
    that's the thing

    all evidence points towards the arm being hashirama's, not shisui's

    1) the face thing
    2) mokuton from his right arm
    3) tobi's recognition

    the only weird inconsistency is the byakugan identifying it as shisui's chakra

    that's the OP's point, that shisui could possibly have had hashirama in him in the first place
    Not really. The face being there and him being able to use Mokuton means nothing when it's been established that can be achieved with only cells. And Tobi recognized that it was due to Orochimaru's experimentation. There's no way that Orochimaru would have allowed a full blooded Uchiha to get away if he was in a position to operate on one.

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    Re: Could shisui have been some form of rikudo sennin?

    Well, technically tobi only inferred the whole thing was orochimaru's experimentation. There is also the consideration that orochimaru working with danzo would necessarily imply that orochimaru was being observed and thus was somewhat more limited as to what he could do on his own which is a problem if he is experimenting on dudes capable of immediate brainwashing. I guess either way this would ultimately be a plothole though.

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