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Thread: The Breaker : New Waves 65 Discussion

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    Re: The Breaker : New Waves 65 Discussion / 66 Predictions

    Quote Originally Posted by The_kid View Post
    rather then the head getting all those massive possibilities put onto him, i think he will mainly learn a few techniques
    like naruto rasagan.... centering everything around it... i think Shion (sunwoo head) powers with soul crushing strike will increase...
    because the elder Kwon one of the ten masters, could just catch his punch in comparism of his master fists, his fist is like a little kid....
    like the other elder described as a little kid with a dangerous knife LOL xD
    if its a little kid with a dangerous knife, why did you almost get hit LOL.... OMG that was really a fail action lol at ch 64

    Shion will become the ten arts dragon... the one who surpasses the nina arts dragon...

    For reference Elder Kwon of the ten strongest martial artists, also one of the strongest...
    as the other clan head with the meditation did not dared to challange Sunwoo clan nor Elder Kwon.
    ... What the f*ck.

    Let's just get a few things down before anything else.
    1. Do not badmouth Asian Kimbo Slice.
    2. Do not badmouth Asian Kimbo Slice.

    Now, back on topic.

    Firstly, Asian Kimbo Slice was unaware of ShiWoon's capabilities. He vastly underestimated what ShiWoon was capable of.
    Second, Asian Kimbo Slice was surprised by ShiWoon's ferocity. This is a different side of ShiWoon he's seeing, a rage-filled one. He expected a simple duel, what he got was a murderous clan head throwing powerful fists one after the other. He doesn't even know why ShiWoon's angry, for Christ's sake. And if there's one thing that ShiWoon's fairly decent at, it's throwing around attacks repeatedly in order to keep the opponent from recovering. Not that it always goes well, but it does work for a short bit.
    Third, Asian Kimbo Slice doesn't want to hurt ShiWoon. Dude approves of ShiWoon - he was the first elder to go over to ShiWoon's side. Plus, ShiWoon's officially the clan head now, you can't go around punching clan heads in the face, that's bad for morale. As a result, his options are limited.
    The combination of the first and third is why he gets caught off guard; he's unaware that ShiWoon's capable of pulling off some nifty steps, and is trying to resolve this in a non-bloody way.

    Also, presumably, trying to go up against a kid with a fucking dangerous blade isn't very easy if your aim is to disarm the kid, not beat the shit outta him. Chances are you'll get cut unless you're divinely powerful. And then it turns out that the kid knows advanced anti-disarming techniques and then when you try to grab his wrist it turns out the wrist is detachable and there's another blade attached to the arm and I think this example has gone off track. But the point it, not easy.

    Elder Kwon is...
    a) generally calm and stoic, calculating and intelligent unlike Asian Kimbo Slice, who's sorta hot-tempered and, let's be honest, not the brightest bulb in the room.
    b) caught ShiWoon's fist when it was aimed at someone else (Asian Kimbo Slice).
    c) much stronger, faster and skilled than Asian Kimbo Slice, considering his status as one of the top 10 strongest people in murim.
    d) knows what ShiWoon is capable of, and why he's acting like he is at the moment.

    Too long; didn't read?


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    Registered User 中級員 / Chuukyuuin / Member The_kid's Avatar
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    Re: The Breaker : New Waves 65 Discussion / 66 Predictions

    Ive read your entire post ChaoticKen

    For starters i did not badmounth Elder Jeon Jang Il.
    And second his name isnt asian kimbo slice.
    (even if his name is in korean characters or the prenouncement of those characters,
    i do not believe that is his name)

    refering to this chapter

    I dont see any wrong in my previous message, also i do not understand why you are agitated over something that you made me do, while i didn't.
    Rather then badmounthing Jeon Jang Il, i think thought it was funny for him to get caught off-guard.

    Either way if it makes you feel happier ill apologize if i did unknowingly badmounthed Elder Jeon Jang Il.
    But if you truely respect that elder, i suggest you start memorizing his name while refering to him. Thats all.
    With this message i end this discussion as i already have payed my respects to Elder Jeon Jang Il.
    I also will not reply or continue with any further discussions related to my former message(s).
    Last edited by The_kid; April 02, 2012 at 08:54 AM.

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    Registered User 上級員 / Jyoukuuin / Sr. Member Bludvein's Avatar
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    Re: The Breaker : New Waves 65 Discussion / 66 Predictions

    ....are you serious? Don't you understand a joke?

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    Registered User 有名人 / Yuumeijin / Celebrity TheMoa's Avatar
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    Re: The Breaker : New Waves 65 Discussion / 66 Predictions

    asian kimbo slice and psycho bitch are classics! hahaha

    anyway, I think Shioon should just ask for the elders what the meaning of the words... I don't think there's a problem in he doing so, he won't be showing the videos or giving up the technic's secrets.
    And I think the elders should ask what he already know, his trainnig could go a lot faster if they knew that he can get into the Incarnate Illusion State, have basic foot technics, can do Black heaven and Earth breathing and is taking pills

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