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Thread: "BE ODA-SENSEI" Convo Thread

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    Thumbs Up "BE ODA-SENSEI" Convo Thread

    1. if you guys would have the power to dictate what would happen after the timeskip, what things would you change in the power-ups of the strawhats (and maybe their looks)?

    well, let me start:

    luffy - a gear fourth (you know, common engine got 4 gears so...) the gear fourth is like he goes into this mode that is a combination of an impact/reject dial (only difference is he is the one receiving the damage, not the dial) and shigan (which means his body or that part of the body will heat up and literally be a gunshot) then he bounces the impacts he received in that battle to the opponent with a single punch.

    so luffy's rubber fruit displays properties of rubber:

    normal mode: elasticity. stress strain from impact and electricity
    gear second: hyper-elasticity (getting fast)
    gear third: bone balloon (getting big)

    this is how i describe my version of gear fourth.
    1. luffy must use gear second and gear third in, he needs to fight for a certain time for the impacts he recieved to build up.
    2. he then activates this gear
    3. he can only use this gear on one single, high impact punch.
    4. but it would be like, super fast, faster than a gear second and with the impact of reject dial or shigan.
    5. of course this move will take almost all of luffy's stamina (so this is just like a desperation move..LOL)

    roronoa zoro - umm...i think ill have zoro's eye have a scar but opened instead of being closed or ill have zoro wear an eyepatch...also longer hair he can ponytail or something

    ussop - going back to sogeking i guess...not too muscular and incorporated impact dials on a gun...also would love if he got a stag-beetle zoan slingshot (you know, an object who ate devil's fruit)....

    robin - would love her to have that old hair again...its fine if the hair is shorter, but it just doesnt feel robin becoz her bangs are gone.

    franky - maybe not too robotic...especially the arms.

    brook - i like brooke overall...just his hat seems odd for me...maybe a headphone (though he doesnt have ears) or something would be more modern.

    sanji - more rokushiki moves like rankyaku, a shigan kick, blue walk and sky walk are awesome...soru and a rokougan version of kick would be really cool....

    nami, chopper are perfect for me.

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    Banned 上級員 / Jyoukuuin / Sr. Member
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    "BE ODA SENSEI" question 2 == your own strawhat crew.

    1. you are oda-sensei in this thread and you can finalize the strawhat crew. who are the guys you would pick?


    1. the strawhat crew can reach up to 15.
    2. the crewmembers should be guys that are introduced in one piece.
    3. of course luffy would be the captain so we cannot change that.
    4. dragon, gold roger, shiki, yonkous, gorousei and fleet admirals are exempted in this selection.
    5. you can only have 8 devil fruit users in your crew. no more than 1 logia
    6. you can kick out any of the strawhats for another character but your selections must add up no higher than 1000 points.

    90 points (kizaru, aokiji, garp, marco, jozu, magellan, enel, rayleigh, mihawk, doflamingo, beckmann, yassop, kuma, fisher tiger, jinbei, eustass kidd, trafalgar law, portgas d. ace, oars, oars jr., emporio ivankov)

    70 points (black leg sanji, cyborg franky, roronoa zoro, boa hancock, crocodile, jesus burgess, lafitte, avalo pizzaro, catarina devon, vasco shot, van auger, doc Q and stronger, basil hawkins, drake x, lucky roo, gecko moria, rob lucci, vice admiral smoker, all other vice admirals, arlong, hody jones, vander decken, broggy, dorry, and other giants, scratchmen apoo, jewelry bonney, capone bege, uruoge, wiper, enel's priests, san juan wolf, boa sisters, inazuma, vista and other commanders of whitebeard pirates, killer)

    50 points ( nico robin, rest of cp9, paulie, bepo, brook, shirahoshi, tashigi, captain kuro, dalton, wapol, mr. 1-5 and their partners, gan fall, kohza, hina, tashigi, jean bart, margaret, coby, helmeppo, bellamy, other skypiea shandian warriors, yokozuna, pell, rest of fishman pirates *new and old*)

    30 points (buggy, alvida, jango, fullbody, franky family, ussop,chopper, igaram and rest of baroque works officer, wanze)

    20 points (nami, spandam, cabaji, mohji and richie, johnny and yosaku, gaimon and others not mentioned)

    ***however, i may forgot someone so in case, i will add those characters on its corresponding points....but take note that i will never change the characters i already assigned in said groups.

    current crew you need to change: (please copy paste and just edit this---you can edit the roles too...if you can think of other roles or if you think one is not useful in your crew)

    CAPTAIN: monkey d. luffy (0) paramecia
    FIRST MATE: roronoa zoro (70)
    NAVIGATOR: nami (20)
    SNIPER: ussop (30)
    COOK: sanji (70)
    DOCTOR: chopper (30) zoan
    ARCHEOLOGIST: robin (50) paramecia
    SHIPWRIGHT: franky (70)
    MUSICIAN: brook (50) paramecia

    TOTAL POINTS: (390)

    ---------- Post added at 01:08 AM ---------- Previous post was at 01:07 AM ----------

    ---------- Post added at 01:07 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:48 AM ----------

    as for me, ill just add....

    CAPTAIN: monkey d. luffy (0) paramecia
    1. FIRST MATE: roronoa zoro (70)
    2. NAVIGATOR: nami (20)
    3. SNIPER: ussop (30)
    4. COOK: sanji (70)
    5. DOCTOR: chopper (30) zoan
    6. ARCHEOLOGIST: robin (50) paramecia
    7. SHIPWRIGHT: franky (70)
    8. MUSICIAN: brook (50) paramecia
    9. INTERCEPTOR/SPY: smoker (70) logia
    10. STRIKER: tashigi (50)
    11. GUNNER: jewelry bonney (70)
    12. HELMSMAN: jinbe (90)
    13. LOOKOUT: wiper (70)
    14. CANNONEER: garp (90)
    15. LUFFY's SECRETARY (LOL): boa hancock (70)

    TOTAL POINTS: (900)
    Last edited by beck26; March 24, 2012 at 12:03 PM.

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    Re: "BE ODA SENSEI" question 2 == your own strawhat crew.

    luffy (captain)
    zoro (first mate; swordsman)
    sanji (chef; second mate)
    rayleigh (navigator)
    trafalgar law (surgeon)
    chopper (medicine)
    aokiji (AOE defensive/offensive specialist)
    yasopp/van auger (sniper)
    franky (shipwright)
    boa hancock (wife of the captain)
    jimbei (scout/ water specialist)
    smoker (stealth support)
    akainu (range AOE specialist)
    lucci (apprentice to luffy in haki)
    whitebeard (semi-retired support such as anchorman/ backup when necessary)

    screw brooke, robin, nami, usopp
    these guys would march through the grand line onto raftel in less than 1 month, grab one piece, and get out of there

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    Re: "BE ODA SENSEI" question 2 == your own strawhat crew.

    Why doesn't anyone love me?

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