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Either way, I think it's more than reasonable to chose Shiraishi. It's pretty normal to lose to an opponent you just lost to.

Some how I think Niou's illusion is very mental based. I think that he can perform nearly all techniques shown in PoT/SPoT. But to a computer they may not have the same power, speed, spin (think 90% vs 100%, very close but not the same). The remaining 10% is tricked or the illusion part to make you think your fighting against the same caliber of player/move.

Hence why it may not work on Yagyuu. After all, when Echizen did zero-shiki drop shot for the first time he lowered his racket too much while doing it. Which according to Inui mean it wouldn't work again as the opponent would have more time to react. Niou's voice always lowered when he was tricking. Which may give Yagyuu the necessary time to react properly.

I donno though Illusion is BS and I hate Niou about half as much as I hate Ryoma.
i agree that Niou's illusion is very mental based.
I think during National, Niou just didn't dare to take the risk of being Sanada/Yukimura/Ryoma since he didn't know how Fuji would counter them.
Tezuka was known as #1 in Seigaku --> Shiraishi won again Fuji : So, Niou just take safe illusion that he pretty confident would win against Fuji.

Since it was illusion with no actual players' spirit, Niou didn't know how to react after experience the Hoshi Hanabi.
& just with 1 game left i doubt what else Niou can do.
Niou can try to take other powerful players techniques as illusion but I think he just panicked.
So many players & techniques to consider. By the time he made the decision, the match would just end.

That's y he lost to Fuji