I like writing. I've been writing for years but there is one story I really want to be made into a manga. And I'm no artist which is why I'm here searching... Hopefully someone here will grant my wish^^

I wrote this story called "High School with Minako" after reading Gokusen and Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO) which inspired med.

The story isn't exactly with a "hero" teacher.


Seishin High School, one of the top and richest schools in Tokyo, previously had only three floors until one more floor was added in the South Building, especially designed for Class D with only drop-outs in the family as students.

The class that was always looked down upon changed when a girl was transferred just a month after school re-opened in the beginning of third year.
The class that was always full of guys changed when a girl was transferred.
What is a girl to do in a class full of boys and better yet labelled as “delinquents”? But then again she had an awful past of her own that she wanted to bury. There is a leader of the class, Jin Akanishi, who is lazy and likes to sleep most the time who also is her seatmate. What happens when he befriends her?

This story revolves around Minako Tetsuji who comes across friends, rivals and enemies. She goes through emotions both happy and sad. Join Minako in High School and experience what friendship, love and heartache is.

The story is written as a fanfic which means I used Japanese Artist's names with some exceptions especially with the protagonist of the story. But if this does turn out to be a manga the names will have to be changed to OC.

If anyone is interesting in helping me make it into a manga, please email me at:


The link to the story is here.... :