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Thread: Battle of the Brainiacs

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    Re: Battle of the Brainiacs

    ^You certainly have a point, I somehow forgot about Nagato, so I added him to the list.


    I'am aware knowledge doesn't necessarily have to do something with intelligence, but this test includes it because its meant to be a measurement of all mental capabilities.

    Quote Quote:
    IMO, keep in mind IQ has nothing to do with medical knowledge (Kabuto and Orochimaru), ability to create and understand jutsu (Minato & Kakashi) or ability to have knowledge over the course of a life-time (Tobi).
    I somewhat disagree. Most scientific feats and discoveries are a testament of high intelligence. Sure... for example you can learn medical ninjutsu by reading a book, but if you have an IQ like Kelly Bundy you'll be a horrible medic because you lack the mental capabilities to understand and implement what you've memorised.

    Not to mention learning from a book how to create a Godzilla sized snake would be a whole nother story from actually developing the way how to create that snake.
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    Re: Battle of the Brainiacs

    by that notion then Kabuto and Sasori would be even smarter than Nagato. Nagato's powers were stemmed from his Rinnegan, not his intelligence. Never once was he called a genius, and he certainly hasn't shown the battle IQ or the skill of one like others in this discussion.

    I agree that you need a high intelligence most of the time to do the things people like Orochimaru and Kabuto do, but you asked who would score highest on an IQ test, not who would be the best surgeon of jutsu specialist.

    We know Shikamaru has over a 200 IQ, and we know his brain works faster than anyone's in the manga.

    People like Sasuke, Itachi, Minato, Orochimaru, etc are geniuses not so much because of their actual intelligence (which is very high) but because of their ability to do things easily that others struggle with. When we are actually talking about brain power in terms of IQ, they all come up short next to Shikamaru despite how smart they are.

    Keep in mind Einstein had an IQ of only 160. We consider 160 to be the bar of a "genius" and considering Shikamaru's is over 200 what would we consider him to be?
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