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http://www.mangareader.net/beelzebub/152/7 fourth window that i get confused on this way also toujou recorgnize it. Aiba hear from Toujou and Oga.
I missed such an important point. So I could say that basically Chinko High School respect Ishiyama High School, but they mistakenly think that Oga and his friends are from St. Ishiyama right? I think when they learn that fact they would kneel before Oga.

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The non-fight between Toujou and Aiba made me seriously LOL, mainly because....come on, it was a total cockblock. I hope you guys don't mind the expression. Other than that, I didn't expect the fight to be all out, and I was really thankful that while Aiba was shown to be strong, it wasn't at the expense of Toujou's fearsome reputation. Then again, it was definitely anti-climactic, and I sympathize with those who wanted an all out fight.
Very good expression you got there to describe the situation . I didn't expect it to be an all out fight. But at least give some pages to demonstrate Toujou's new power after training his power only got tiny exposure during Akumano arc.