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Thread: Raruto Sisepuede Opening 03: I flunked six

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    Raruto Sisepuede Opening 03: I flunked six

    Here's the opening of Raruto Sisepuede Season 3, a parody of the opening "Sign" of Naruto Shippuuden. It's quite late because, just like the previous one, Jesulink couldn't do it himself.

    Download the video:

    The video's also up on Youtube (, but without the music since it was deleted for infringing copyright. You'd better download it.

    And by the way, I know I've been slacking around, but now I have some more time, so tomorrow I'll release chapter 16. Look forward to it!

    Text in blue is the Spanish "translation"
    Text in red is the English "translation"

    Raruto Sisepuede Opening 3 – I flunked six

    Ay, me han quitado la play
    Ow, I had my PlayStation taken away

    Porque me han caído seis
    because I flunked six,

    Y en verano no haré más
    and in summer I'll do nothing

    que estudiar
    but study.

    Suspendí, sí
    I failed, indeed.

    Suspendí, sí
    I failed, indeed.

    Suspendí, sí
    I failed, indeed.

    Es lo que hay
    That's how it is.

    Más que bien estaba aquí yo
    I was here doing well and beyond,

    Haciendo el vago por aquí
    slacking around,

    Sin quietud y cómo no
    with no stillness, and of course,

    sin estudiar na'
    without studying jack.

    Pero ahora llegan las notas
    But now the grades are out

    y no hay nada guay para ver
    and there's nothing cool to see.

    Sólo apruebo en las que
    I'm just passing those where

    aprueban a todos
    they pass everyone.

    A cien juegos jugar
    Playing a hundred games

    Y luego chatear
    and then chatting,

    Meterme en internet
    getting on the net,

    Con manga disfrutar
    enjoying manga.

    Cómo quieren que
    How would they have me

    me quede tiempo pa' estudiar
    get time left to study.

    Si me hubieran caído dos
    If I had flunked two

    O como mucho tres
    or three at most,

    Sé que así
    I know that way

    mis padres podrían
    my parents could

    confiar en mí
    trust me.

    Las voy a recuperar
    I'm going to retake them,

    La vida me juego yo
    I'm gambling my life on it.

    Aunque tenga
    Even if I have

    que ir a por seis cincos
    to go for six low C's,

    echándole jeta
    having some nerve.

    El año que viene
    Next year

    puede que tenga
    I might have

    el mismo problema
    the same problem.

    Suspendí, sí
    I failed, indeed.

    Es lo que hay
    That's how it is.
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    Currently translating Raruto, a Spanish parody of Naruto (getting ready for the last two chapters, to be released in English in October and November). Check it out here!

    Also working on another project that you might get to see in January...

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