Claymore 125- A Second End- Review

Hello everyone, and welcome to my review of Claymore Chapter 125. Before we get into the chapter let's go over the poll results. Nobody figured that Miria was going to do her best Topman impression. Probably for the best as his attack sucked. Five were hoping for a meteor attack, and five others for Miria to strike as a lightning fast arrow. But unsurprisingly most just wanted to see Galatea.

Blinded by Pride-
We start with Miria using that last strand of Anastasia's to launch herself. All she really want's to use it for is to just move faster than Hysteria. And she's using it to go right through the storm of Cassandra and Hysteria fighting. The others on the outskirts quickly realize that they absolutely have to get away from all the giant spikes landing everywhere. As for Miria her plan works. She goes faster than Hysteria, and Hysteria is so shocked and focused on this that she doesn't notice anything else around her. And it get's her nailed by both Cass and Roxy. Ouch. Although Cass certainly thinks that Hysteria tastes better than Roxanne. But Miria somehow makes it through unscathed.
And we get the defeat of Hysteria. It turns out that all Miria was trying to do was beat Hysteria in speed. It doesn't seem like much, but it makes sense to me. Hysteria's fatal flaw has always been pride. That's why she chased Miria into such a dangerous area. That's why she focused so much on Miria that she got hit. Miria won by exploiting flaws in her opponents personality. And she's not the only one.

Shit All Eaten Up-
As for Hysteria, her attack doesn't work. And while she did keep one set of spikes in reserve, that proves to be a mistake. Just like Cassandra told her last chapter. Cass informs Roxy that she knew that would happen. Being unwilling to go all out, or trying to be clever... That's why someone like Roxanne will always be number 2. Roxy gets one last bit of defiance out before Cassandra gobbles her down. She may not have tasted good, but I guess Cass wasn't going to let her have anything resembling a pleasant death.
And their goes Roxanne. Honestly her abilities were probably the worst out of all Abyssal. It seems that not one bit of her copying skills or stolen abilities made it into her awakened form. Ironically it was Cassandra's mind games this time that lead to Roxanne's death. She psyched Roxy out enough that Roxanne messed up. And it cost Roxanne.

The Tragedy of the Elegant-
Meanwhile, Miria moves to finish off what's left of Hysteria. Hysteria begins to beg. She laments how this is just like what happened to her before. Even though she thought they were friends all her comrades turned against her at Rockwell hill. So she cut them down. With her speed no matter how many of them attacked she should have won. But she was defeated. Not by the #4 warrior who struck the finishing blow, Rosemary. But by the warrior who's smile she could never stand... And then something weird happens...
And now we find out about Hysteria's death. It is kinda sad that she was turned on by all the other Claymores. Seems like the organization ordered a purge on her. Now here's something important. We see a huge difference between Miria and Hysteria. When Miria was fighting all the Organization's claymores, she deliberately held back and didn't kill anyone. Hysteria's pride meant that if they turned on her, she would strike them dead. With her speed how hard would it have been to simply wound them, or escape? Of course we also learn that it was Teresa who truly defeated her. Some people I see complaining about how Teresa shows up, but really she doesn't. She get's mentioned, and not even by name. And really how surprising is it that she was involved it the death of a previous #1? Probably less so than what happens next.

Strange Apperation-
Hysteria's talk starts to change about how bad and evil that girl is. And then Hysteria turns into Priscilla. Miria is confused, Helen and Deneve freak out in fear, and Dae acts like he just got every Christmas present he ever wanted. “Priscilla” is whispering something, but Miria can't make it out. When Deneve warns Miria about how dangerous Priss is, Miria lucks out and just get's pushed away. Helen and Deneve attack, but it seems all that this Priscilla is nothing more than an apparition of Yoki. But Cass is still very real. And also mysteriously whispering. She then wanders of, leaving Helen thinking that she must be full after eating Roxanne. The trainee's show up, and Miria is happy to see that their okay, even after the twins left them to help. But then they had their surprising guardian. Raki! And boy is he glad to see a familiar face.
And Priscilla herself shows up. Well not exactly. It appears to be some sort of Yoki ghost. I have to wonder what the false Priss and Cassandra were whispering. I wouldn't be surprised if Cass wasn't in control when she wandered off. Rabona may have some bad news incoming... Speaking of Bad News, Helen and Deneve will have some explaining to do. And with Raki showing up, Miria isn't the only one they'll have to fess up to. I see some people were disappointed with the way things wrapped up with the dead three, but I'm fine with it. More than I was with Mass Effect 3's ending anyways.

Winner of the Month- Dae. Sure he's only in the one panel, but look at him! He's so happy! And far as he's concerned everything went perfectly.