My first chapter in script format for a comic

Notes* /--!--"Thoughts Goes in Here"--!--\


Age: 10
Hair: straight, shoulder length; color: yellow
Clothing: Dress; knee length
Description: Gets to shy to sing around people. Also To lazy to practice lyrics. Pick up by Grey on road while crying. Call Grey big brother ever since. Earlier history unknown.

Age: 15
Hair: Wild spiky; color: black
Clothing: Hoodie, shorts, scarf
Description: Born without a voice. Have a device around neck of other people voice to speak for him. Not Copy's blood related brother. Earlier history unknown.

Age: 28
Hair: straight, back length; color: yellow
Clothing: Dress; knee length
Description: Found Grey an Copy walking alone. Adopted both. Earlier history unknown.

Land of Asu
1st Copyrighted:
In Asu, all music of any form cannot be repeat. Small changes in the tempo or lyrics counts as repetition and are not permitted.

<chpt1> First Note <chpt1>
<scene> Putting Copy to sleep <scene>

Copy: Mom, sing for me please!

Elisa(mom): Again? You ask me to do it every night. Don't you think it's time you start learning how to sing yourself?

Copy: Aww mom, but you do so much better. I promise I'll start tomorrow.

Elise: Very well. But this is the last time if you don't start practicing okay?

Copy: Okay mom!



<chpt1> First Note <chpt1>
<scene> Next day: Morning: Kitchen: Mom washing dish <scene>

Copy: Mom have you seen big brother anywhere?

Elise: Hmm, what for?

Copy: I promise to start practicing my singing today remember? Mommy, you forgot our promise last night?

Elise: Of course not, but I didn't think you would actually keep yours.

Copy: Huh? Are you calling me a liar?!

Elise: Well let's just say I've heard that promise somewhere before.

Copy: Mom I'm serious this time. You see? Pencil and paper. I think you are going to really like it mommy!

Elise: Well why don't you show me what you have so far.

Copy: No, no, no! It's not done yet. I want it to be perfect for you mom! That's why I need brother. He's bad at singing so if I practice it out on him, at it will at least sound decent.

Elise: Don't be so mean to your brother. You're brother just hasn't found his tune yet.

Copy: Mommy, brother doesn't have a tune. He have never sang before.

Elise: Everyone has a tune within them Copy, even your brother. Trust me.

Copy: Mommy, can I ask you something?

Elise: Huh What is it?

Copy: What happen to brother's voice? Was he always like that?

Elise: Umm why with the sudden question?

Copy: I'm just curious.

Elise(lean down on knees): Well Copy, not everyone in this world is born equally. Some are born differently then others. Your brother just happen to be born without a voice of his own, that's all.

Copy: Everytime I ask him about his voice, he gets really mad. And doesn't tell me anything. It's like he's keeping a secret from me.

Elise: Don't worry about it Copy. Everyone have their own secrets, even your brother. If it makes him mad, don't ask him about it, okay? Now, I think he's still in bed sleeping

Copy: Again? He sleeps all day! He was suppose to wake up early this morning to help me. Grrrrr.

<chpt1> First Note <chpt1>
<scene> Elise enter her brother's room <scene>

Copy (whisper): Brother, brother.

Grey (still drowsy): Erhm, five more minute mom.

Copy (whisper): Brother you promise to help me today remember?

Grey (still drowsy): Ehrm.... five more minute please.


Grey (sit up quickly): Huh what? I'm up! Oh it's just you Elise. I'm going back to sleep. (lay back down)


Grey : Alright alright! /--!--dammit, I hate waking up--!--\

*Copy turns around ready to leave room*
*Grey lies back down*


* Copy grab Grey's scarf yank it over her shoulder and pulled. Grey fell to the ground while being choke and Copy tries to pull him by the scarf out of the room*

Grey (choking): Ike, Ike, can't prelp you, ifmph I'm, ifph I'm, de...,dead.

Copy (grunting because grey is to heavy): Well, ugnh, well, you, should, have, thought, of, that, beforehand.

<chpt1> First Note <chpt1>
<scene> Outside of house, on top of hill <scene>

Grey: Why didn't you ask mom instead? She's a way better singer.

Copy: It wouldn't be a surprise if I practice with her.

Grey: Umm, why are you staring at me like that?

Copy: So brother.... what happen to your voice!

Grey: Not again..... Didn't mom told you this already. I was just born without one.

Copy: Then where did you get that voice device. Who made it for you? Who bought it for you. And, and

Grey: Can you stop asking me so many question?!

Copy: Hmph! You're mean! TELL ME TELL ME!

Grey: No.

Copy: Fiiiiiiine. Mommy says everyone have a tune within them. Is it true you haven't found one yet brother?

Grey: That's where mom is wrong. I just don't have one. I'm totally fine with that.

Copy: Well I trust everything mommy say. I think you have one brother. And I'll help you!

Grey: I don't need help. You do.

Copy: .......................

Grey: Stop staring at me like that..... and why aren't you saying anything.

Copy: ...........

Grey: ...........

*Copy leap toward Grey and hug him*

Grey: Hey hey, what are you doing?

*Copy lift her head up*

Grey: Why are you crying?

Copy: I love you brother...... sniff* sniff*. I heard you on that day brother. That night, I know you try to practice singing because of me. And you hate singing....

Grey: Copy.....

Copy (still crying): I'm sorry brother.... I'll practice harder. I'll sing for both of us so you won't have to stick up for me no more.

Grey: It's fine copy.... I didn't do anything anyway. I couldn't even sing back. All I did was just stand there and got humiliated.

Copy (crying): No no no, you're wrong! You did everything you can. You don't have a voice and you still stood up for me. You never complain once about it, while I have voice... and still can't sing.... I'm useless...

Grey: It's fine Copy....

Copy (lightly crying: I promise you brother... I'll sing for the both of us...

Grey (smiling gently): I know you can do it Copy.

Copy: Brother..... *wipe tears away*

Grey (smile wider): Tell you what Copy. Once you finish your first song, I promise I'll sing with you then.

Copy (shocked): Really brother! You promise!

Grey: Of course. Now I might not sound as good as you but I'll try my best too!

Copy: Promise!

Grey: Yup!

*Copy leap toward Grey and hug him with tears in her eye*

Copy: I looooooooooove you brother!

Grey: Alright alright, how about we get started already. We won't get anywhere if we don't start.

*Grey and Copy begins to start practicing*

<chpt2 preview> A lost Note <chpt2 preview>

*Grey and Copy return home and open the door*

Copy (crying with fear): Moooooooooooom!

Grey: Mom.......