The Crimson Petal and the White Moon

As it was her custom, Luciana was talking a stroll bordering the lake behind her house. Her faithful companion, Lobo, was at her side. A dog given to her as a birthday gift during her childhood was now the closest thing the young girl had as her friend.

Lifting her head, she fixed her eyes on the moon above her. The moon was shining brilliantly on the night sky; its dark veil covering the entire town.

With her eyes hypnotized by the moon, Luciana thought of how difficult this last year had been for her…especially after that painful accident when…

Suddenly, she remembered Lobo and returning her sight to the place where he had been she found the place empty. “Lobo…where are you? Lobo! Lobo! Where are you?!”

She looked in front of her. “No…please …no”. She heard some barks and it seemed they were coming from inside the forest in front of her. The famous forest that her mother had so many times forbidden her to enter when she was a little girl.

Collecting all of the courage inside of her, she went into the forest hoping to find her beloved companion very soon so she could get out of that place and go back home.

Little did Luciana know that that enigmatic moon and Lobo would become the sole witnesses and accomplices of the life-changing event that was going to take place on that very night when she got lost in the Lockwood forest…